how to get dreadlocks

How to get Dreadlocks: Rastafarian Organic Dreadlocks


dreadlocks are hair that becomes matted together after not being combed for a period of time. Most dreadlocks are intentionally done as a hair style. Some people who “dread” are doing this for spiritual reasons. The people who dread due to spirituality are known as Rastafarians.

Rastafarians dreadlocks hair meaning

The meaning of the matted hair, other wise known as dreadlocks worn by Rastafarians, is an honor to God. I have heard that there is an actual passage in the bible for the Nazarite that says they must not cut their hair. Rastafarians believe in natural living. With that in mind they believe that combing the hair is not allowing the hair to be in its natural state. This is the meaning of the dreadlocks worn in the Rastafarian culture.

how to get dreadlocks

It’s very easy to get dreadlocks. I will explain how most african american people, and some Jamaican people do it.  do it. I’m sure these methods will work for those with straight hair as well. use some bees-wax or just use nothing, and twist your strands of hair into locks. Depending on your hair texture you then probably want to hold the ends with elastic rubber bands, or bundle your “lock twists” into a pony tail, while they have the lock gel, or lock wax on them. Another thing you can do is wash your hair with aloe. Real aloe! not aloe gel from the drug store. Go buy the “aloe plant” and wash your hair with it. Before you do that. You should section out your hair in to the sizes (strands of lock sizes) you want your hair to grow. The size of each individual parting in the scalp, is the size the dread lock will be once it is mature. Different locks will mature at different times. Also it is extremely important, when you begin this process for the first month only, do not wash the hair…this helps to speed up the dreading process so that the “virgin” hair can become matted. Be sure to sleep with your hair covered in a silk scarf. This will prevent the locks from picking up lint which can stay lodged in the dreadlocks.

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How long will my locks take to dread?

This is a great question. Every-bodies hair is different. different hair textures mean different “matting” rates of speed. In general, it will take 3 months for your dread to look and feel like dreads. Many people notice that the back “mats” a lot faster than the sides or the top. This is do to the fact of sleeping on the back of the head and the back of the hair coming into contact with clothes etc. One tip I picked up along the way if want your hair to dread fast is to “sleep with a wool hat on” or you could just cover your pillow with a rough piece of fabric and sleep on it.



How to wash dreadlocks

Dreadlocks once matured, can be washed like any other hair. I have dreads. I now in my 7th month, was them every 2 days. But when they were forming. I would wash them once a week. When washing dreadlocks, be sure to use a shampoo that will give your locks a deep clean. I use “head and shoulders” it is primarily a dandruff shampoo, that works really well for dry scalp and to keep locks clean and smelling nice. I was my scalp first, being sure to get sure to get some shampoo, in between all the lock parts, then I was the actual locks. Be sure to always rinse your locks well. Use warm to hot water to wash out all the shampoo. Locks retain a lot of water, and you want to be sure there is no residue from the shampoo left in your hair as this can cause odor.

How to get dreadlocks out!

If you want your dreadlocks out, there is two things you can do. You can allow the new growth to grow out to a length of your liking and then cut your locks, leaving only the new growth. You can just cut out your locks.


life as a rasta woman

how to get dreadlocks for long straight hair

So you have long straight hair and you want dreadlocks? Many people with straight hair use the back coming method. However I have always thought that they could probably just us the method that many african americans use and be able to keep their length. Many african americans take the lock of hair they want to form a dread lock and separate it into two pieces (like you would prepare to twist the hair) then they twist the hair, and over time it locks up on its own. You can try this too if you want. I watched a video one day of an asian girl getting her hair dreaded in a hair salon in asia. The were using a latch hook and each dread came very neat. I try to include the video here.


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Most Rastafarians “free form” their dreadlocks, just as Mr. Bob Marley did. Many of us also twist our hair in between our fingers every now and then and eventually those twists become matted and form dreadlocks.

My dreadlocks – my story

I began dreading my hair in Oct 2009, now it is may of 2010 and I love my dreads. I can’t wait for them to get longer. I am african american and dread my hair for spiritual reasons. What advice do I have for someone just starting out. Do them small, but not too small. I believe smaller dreads are easier to manage. And you have more flexibility too. I knew i wanted my locks to look natural, or authentic, so I made the parts different sizes, but all sized small. When I began, I was doing it partly as an experiment, and partly hoping it would dread. When I started, Jah let me know, that locks are for me. So, I fell in love with my hair. Now I feel so beautiful and am happy I did it. Read How Rasta Lock their hair!


Happy new dread locks.


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41 thoughts on “how to get dreadlocks

  1. Thanks for the good advice. I have been very interested in rasta all my life but did not really know th ename of it until last year. I am now tyring to dread my hair and you have given me some good advice on how ot go about it nad how to tka care of them. Thanks

  2. I started out as you did twisting mine randomly with no particular parting. So Jah made my hands to work. Mine are also fairly small; I married some that I feel may be too small. I love mine too. Aloe plant is an excellent conditioner. Buy the plant, cut it open and twist into your locks. It has a texture similar to jelly but a bit slimier. Give thanks for your locks for Higher dreading. More love

      1. If you try to lock relaxed hair, it is not easy…
        but it can be done…it just takes longer…best to start your locks with virgin hair though…
        Much love…
        Happy Dreadlocking,
        Jah Rastafari to all 4 corners of the earth!

  3. im trying to go dreads please send me more ideas on how to lock them and what to use to lock them i really what my hair in dreads please help thank you so much

  4. i would like to join you all what do i need to do please let me know and can i use rubber bands on my hair to start my dreads if so how long thank you all so much for your site it is great

  5. i started my dreads on 10/4/2010. i’m having trouble with the back and front dreads staying twisted. do you have any pointers for me. also what are some good products to promote hair growth. because of years of using hair weaves i now have very little hair at my temples. peace be to you.

    1. I too had some issues with the hair staying and locking up. Be patient. If the hair was chemically treated it might be a little harder to lock up….you must be patient, Dread locks lock up in time. Be sure to give them lots of sunshine, go out in the sunlight after washing and sleep on wool if you want hair to matt up faster.


  6. This information has been a blessing. I am 6 months chemical relaxer free and loving my natural hair. I had it twisted and found that my scalp itched tremendously. I decided to permanently lock the hair as it is more conducive to my athletic lifestyle. It was mentioned that you must not wash the hair for approximately 4 months while waiting for it to lock. If part of my exercise is swimming, would that hurt the locking process?

    1. If you are locking your hair you dont have to go 4 months without washing your hair. You can start to wash your hair after 4 weeks. Yes, this will slow down the locking process, but who wants to walk around with a dirty and perhaps, itchy and smelly scalp and hair. You can wash it. When I just started locking my hair, I would twist it then tie it down with elastic bands and leave it like that for two weeks without washing, it did start to lock slowly….if you want it to lock really fast, then yes the less washing the better. As far as swimming goes, it should be fine, but try to make sure you get some sun on it when when, this helps to speed up and solidify the locking process as well.

      I hope this helps.
      Respect, Sistren.

  7. I am enjoying the freeness and oneness with starting my locks. I have found myself to be very self conscience about them when they begin to frizz at the roots. It bothers me so that I am tightening them every 3 days. Am I over reacting, coming from previous hair exp that all hair must be in unison? I am trying to come to terms with my new decisions, any insights? Thank you

  8. I began my locks 1/5/11. I visited a hair salon and started my locks with the comb twist. My hair is natural got rid of the killer chemical called RELAXER!
    I know some people use the term “dread” which seems to have some negative connotation, there is nothing dread about locks I always use the word “locks” never the word dread! Remember the one who reads this our locks are the antennae, receiving the universality of all things from the most high. Shalom!

    1. We also use the word dread because it can mean a fear of God. I like the word “locks” and “Dreadlocks” I dont think of negative associations, just the good feeling it gives me to wear my hair natural.

      One heart

  9. Most African American that wish to dread don’t have patient. ‘Dem wan twist and pull and comb and section off. Dreadlocks are natural, like Bob Marley. It took years for Marley to dread down. Like me brother, Maurice, it took years for ‘im to dread down. Like I say, “dreads must grow up before dem dread down. And another aspect, I could wash me hair everyday and in a year still have dreads.
    “Ital being,
    natural living.”

  10. I have just gotten my hair twisted yesterday and I am planning on growing locks. I frequently workout 4-5 times a week and was wondering how I would go about maintaining my hair. any reply is much appreciated

    1. This is a good question…Your locks are gonna unravel with the sweat, depending on how tightly twisted you have it….you could tye your hair down with a bandana…I soppose….go on youtube and type the word “locs” you will find alot of people starting their locks there. Perhaps a youtuber could enlighten you.

      1. Get your hair interlocked. This maybe the best method for your lifestyle. There should be no worry of unraveling hair at the root and you cam typically go between 4 – 6 weeks before interlocking the new growth.

  11. Bless up! Peace and much love and RASpekt. This is very informative and I am blessed to have felt the calling of JAH and Rastafari. I will start my path to dreading my hair and walking the path of spirituality of Rastafari! Freeform natural locks and consciousness! Any articles on Ital living and recipes to be shared is very much appreciated!!Thanks and praises fi I article and look forward to more! One Love*Peace

  12. Even though my hair is real short now, I am feeling more and more like I want to dread. I currently use olive oil, and I am allergic to aloe so does anyone have any advice for me?

  13. I currently have really short hair, but now, I really want to grow it out in dreads. I currently use olive oil in my hair, and I am allergic to aloe. Does anyone have any advice for me? I would really appreciate it.

  14. i’ve always been intrigued by rasta’s…simply becoz most rasta’s i meet seem to hav so mch peace, nd they nt scared to shed wisdom… i posses similar characteristics.. so im kind of thinkn of folloeing the believ.. my mum is a full blwn christian… nd the last thing i want, is for her to rezent me… anyone who reads this… pls.. feel free to share wat u think… nd remember.. ” the more the fya burn, the more the iya learn”…

  15. I had my locz for almost six months now. And i wash my hair with neutrogena clean volume it has no build up so it works great just wash your hair every 5 to 6 days and it will loc up really fast remember washin your straight hair and it start balling up like a fist… Duh wet hair tangles and mattz up like locz are tryin to do and stay away from wax itz just a scam use taliah waajid black earth products or sometimes use mango and lime creme wax but just stay away from productz until your hair locz and then u can start using them………. Wash and only retwist every 3 to four weekz train your hair to get nappy good luck

    1. If you have african hair you dont have to use anything really. Buy some gel from the store and get somebody to twist them up for you then go as long as you can without washing them (to start your locks) I only lasted 3 weeks with this….
      Much love.

  16. Hi! I started my comb twists a month ago and i go to the salon every week to get them twisted because i got my relaxer cut out for my loc transition. I feel as if my hairdresser is taking my money by keep combing out my twists and not letting them loc. My hair grows super fast, and its locking around my head, but not in the middle and the nape that easily. She uses taliah waahid products and i like it, but im thinking she should use the firmer gel not the regular gel…..HELP ME SERIOUSLY I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO AND I DONT WANT TO GO BACK TO RELAXERS. I want my locs…..

    1. Why dont you just go to another loctician, or when she twists them up just dont go back. Try to go two months without washing your hair to help them lock up. Also go on youtube and type “locs” you will find alot of advise there for African American hair types and dreadlocks.
      Jah Bless.

  17. you must wash your hair. water shrinks the curls and helps the locking process, especially if you have very coily kinky african american hair. This notion that you should go as long as you can without washing is a lie and very unhealthy. i washed my locks the day i first started them and i have been successfully locked for a year now. Wash carefully yes… but please wash. not washing will make your head itch and you will hate the experience.

    1. Locks is time yanno , ya hair grow by the energy u produce if your impatien it cos problems …llow da hair to do its ting ceen! My advice , tek urself to a real rasta empress and let her put the starter locs in to get yuh foundation. Hold dat style fa at leas a month ana half and never return to your salon, Twist em yaself with water wrap it up thru out the day den loose fa da nite . Nah worry bout cap and ting unless u no real rasta … haha we call em fashion dred, I sectioned my locs really big an because a dat I have fat locks and my new growth which I dont join back to the original, becomes a new lock. So Even tho my hair appears like a full natural look, when i section out my hair my starter loc sections are very visible and clear. So if i decide to style my locs cause ini feelin ire! da saloon wouldnt have a problem cause my sections never fagged out. But to each is own, I love my bob marley look over a wacka flocka fashion dred look any day ceen!

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