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In July the sun enters cancer. Cancer is the sign of nurture, support, caring, and the emotions…we will all be feeling a little more caring this month.
Jupiter is still in aries, helping many of us to take the lead on many projects, and seek new adventures, in the hopes of adding for excitement to our lives.

Monthly Horoscope for Aries –

Mercury is in leo in your solar fifth house this month. For singles this means lots of conversations and socializing, For married aries this could mean a time of flirtatious communication with your partner. This is a great time to use romantic words to excite your partner in an attempt to add some sparks in the bedroom.
Venus is in your 6th solar house in virgo this month. This could mean meeting someone new while working out at the gym, or this could mean, buying a new sexy, but cute, outfit to run errands in. For married aries, this is the perfect time for you and your partner to join a health club together.
All in all this is a time of beauty and keeping healthy. This could also mean over indulgence, so watch for those late night trips to the refrigerator, they could cause you to pack on the pounds.
Mars is in your solar 6th house as well. This means you have the extra energy to run errands, start a new health regime, or organize a place in your home that is just full of junk.
Over all this is a good month for Aries…Check back next month for your august horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus –

Mercury is in leo in your fourth solar house this month. You could be having conversations regarding a move, or a new birth or things having to do with domestic matters, or mothers. Whew those are a lot of possibilities.
Venus is in virgo in your solar fifth house. If you are single, this is a good time to buy that new out fit and step out on the town for some “singling mingling”. For Taurus in a relationship, This is a good time for having some flirtatious fun with your partner. Try planning an evening for just the two of you, and plan something fun.
Mars will be in your solar 6th house in libra most of the month. This means, you may want to get some work related projects done, and have every intention of getting them done but you may lack the energy to actually get them done and get them done properly.
This is an average month for you dear Taurus. Perhaps next month will be a little more exciting!

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini –

Mercury is in Leo in your solar 3rd house. You could find your self involved in some juicy gossip at work. Try to fight the urge to make more out of the gossip than there really is dear Gemini. This may seem hard to resist, but you can do it.
Venus is in your solar third house in virgo. For single Gemini’s, You could meet somebody knew at the local flower shop, or running errands and making purchases to beautify your home, so be sure to look your best. For virgo in a relationship, you may be feeling a little bit “clingy”  this month. Try not to let those feelings of “neediness” overwhelm you. Also this is a good time to choose that new wall color you have been thinking about, you now have the “style bug” to make things beautiful – Give it a go!
Mars is also in your 4th solar house in Virgo. You may be packing for a move, into a new home, or doing some home renovations. The planets are giving you the extra energy, to make some improvements to the home, take ” of it while you can.
Overall July is a good month for you Gemini. Reap the rewards!

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer –

Mercury is in your solar 2nd house this month. You may find your self having discussions about assets, or valuable items this month. This may have to do with a car or an item that you hold dear to your heart.
venus is in virgo in your solar 3 house. For Cancerians in a long-term committed relationship this could be a time of growing closer, deepening the bond that exists between you. This is also a good time to take some time away with your partner…for a weekend or to a secret cabin a few hours drive away. For Cancerians who are single…this is a good time to send out an S.O.S, that you are single and looking. Be sure to tell your siblings too…the stars say a brother or sister may be able to help you, in the love department.
Mars is also in your solar third house. This is a good time to take a short trip to meet someone knew…or just to get away. You may also be helping out a friend or close friend, to get some things organized now. You have the energy and organizational skills, so why not, help out?
Over all a pretty good month for Cancerians

Monthly Horoscope for Leo –

mercury is in leo in your solar 1st house Leo. This means at this time you communicate directly and honestly with those around you. Try to think before you speak during this time as the planets warn of coming on too strong.
Venus is in your solar second house. This is a good time for meeting someone with lots of cash, or it could also mean you are going to spending cash on someone you have a crush on too. Venus in the second house can also represent over indulgence…watch those sweets, they could cause you to gain weight at this time. For Leos in a relationship, this is a great time, to give your partner a nice foot or back massage as a way of expressing your love. The planets are giving you the charisma to make romance, extra special.
Mars is also in your solar second house. This is a good time to Join a health club, open that savings account you have been putting off, or buying that really cool piece of furniture you have had your eye on for some time. The planets show you have the potential to make some really good decisions now regarding your long-term finances.
Overall a good month for Leos

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo –

mercury is in your 12th solar house this month, in Leo. There may be turbulence, and deep unresolved thoughts this month. There could be some misunderstandings in communications. Be careful what you say to others at work at this time, and be sure to double-check when setting up plans.
Venus the planet of love is in virgo in your 1st house. This could mean a lot of your love feelings this month for others could really be about you. Try not to be too self-centered at this time, others may resent you for it. For single Virgo, this is a great time to get a makeover. The planets are giving you the green light for some personal esthetic improvements.
Mars is Also in your first solar house in virgo. This is a good time to visit a spa, or Join a health club. The planets point to health, fitness, and a new image.
Overall this is an average month for Virgo.

Monthly Horoscope for Libra –

Mercury is in your solar 11th house this month libra, this could mean lots of communication with friends, and group activities. You may find your self doing some public speaking or, wide-reaching communication, for business or personal affairs. The stars, show the spotlight of communication, in leo, is on you this month, so have fun with it.

Venus is in your solar 12th house this month dear libra. This means love could be turbulent on the feelings this month. You may find your self questioning an existing relationship, or unsure about starting a new one. This is a good time to look into your self and take stock of how to be a better partner.
Mars is in your solar 12th house this month libra, You may find that the things you want to get done just seem to be more of a task than anything else. You may find your self procrastinating more than actually getting stuff done. This is a good time for planning, your rather than doing. The planets are giving you the green light to be a great planner for ideal actions. (find another word for actions)
Overall an average month for you dear Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio –

Mercury is in your solar 10th house this month dear Scorpio. You could find your self conversing on business related matters, or long-term goals. This is a good time to have any long awaited discussions that pertain to career.
Venus is in your solar 11th house this month. For Scorpio who have long-term romance, this is a good time of enjoy the friendship, within the relationship, or a time of getting together with friends as a couple. for single Scorpio this is a good time to go to a social event for singles, be it speed dating, or one of those “walk in the park” events, designed just for singles. The stars have you pegged to meet somebody new in these types of settings.
Mars is in  the solar 10 house. a good time to invest in matters having to do with career goals. This is also a good time to build, yes build something new, perhaps for someone else, or for your self, the stars say you have the know how and the spirit. Go for it.
Over all a good month for you dear Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius –

Mercury is in your solar 9th house this month dear Sag. You could find your self making plans to travel abroad, or signing up for a course to learn something new. The stars say you are in the right state of mind to communicate and plan for something foreign or for higher learning, and or education.
Venus is in your solar 10th house in virgo. For Sagittarius in a committed relationship, this is a good time, to start making some long-term plans for just the two of you, or to renew your wedding vows. The stars point to something, old and meaningful, in your love life, between you and your partner. For single Sagittarius, this is a good time to attend events related to investments, or your career, in the hopes of meeting somebody new. The stars also point to the possibility of meeting someone older than you. Hmmmm, might be interesting.
Mars is also transiting your solar 10th house. This means you could be dedicating a lot of your self to career now. You could be to and fro here and there, and working longer hours than usual. Try not to over work yourself. This planetary position can create “work monsters” Just keep it in mind.
Overall a good month for you dear Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn –

Mercury is in your solar 8th house, this Month Capricorn. You may be having discussions of inheritance or investments, or savings, at this time.
Venus is in your 9th house. For Capricorn in a long-term relationship, this is a good time to plan a romantic get away for just the two of you. For single Capricorn, you could meet somebody new the local book store, or in a new class. Its possible at this time, that, that, “someone new” might be a foreigner! How romantic!
Mars in your solar 9th house means you may be checking out various religious faiths now. Have you been thinking of joining a new religion? Your chart also points to long distance travel. Hmmm sounds like fun.
Over all a good month for Capricorn

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius –

Mercury is in your solar 7th house this month dear Aquarius. You may be having some important conversations with business partners, co-workers, or your spouse. The stars show you are feeling playful with your words. Just be sure you are serious when you need to be.
Venus is in your solar 8th house. How sexy. This means lots of love play between you and a romantic partner. The stars say you are feeling frisky and creative. Enjoy it. For single Aquarius, this is a good time to put on your best out fit and go dancing. For Aquarius in a committed relationship this is a good time to pull out that game that “only the two of you”j can play. Sounds like fun.
Mars is in your solar 8th house as well, this is a good time to open that savings account for your retirement, or get more information on a long-awaited financial investment.
Overall a good month for you Aquarius.

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces –

Dear Pisces, mercury is in your solar 6th house, right now. This could mean many discussions about work, or just getting things done. This could be at work or at home so be ready. The stars also show that you may “take the lead” so to speak in these endeavours. Just don’t get too carried away, or others may view your excitement, for “bossiness”

Venus is in your 7th solar hous in virgo. This is great for those of you who are single and hoping to meet somebody new. You have the magnetism! Get dressed up, and go out! The stars say this is your time to shine! For Pisces in a long term relationship, you and your partner may be “feeling the love” more now. The stars are giving you the green light, to be in love and let it show!

Mars is also in your solar 7th house. This could mean doing something nice for your love partner. It also mean added responsibilities at work.

All in all an over all good month for pisces

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