For Rasta Empress….Dont look like a prostitue!

Allowed and not allowed….

why become rasta


Not Allowed!

  • Permed hair (chemically straightened)
    makeup especially in bright colors
    the use of swear words
  • More than one sex partner
  • talking about sex
  • showing the hair when many men are around
  • Using hair locks to attract sexual attention
  • wearing clothing that accentuates the buttocks or chest area
  • Speaking of sexual experiences
  • experimenting with anything
  • Gossiping

Encouraged for Rasta Empress to

  • Wear her hair natural
  • Tone down her makeup or wear no make, no bright colors
  • Have on husband or Kingman
  • refrain from speaking about sex
  • keep the hair covered int he presence of men she does not know and in public places
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable yet feminine such as dresses and skirts
  • Keeping sexual experiences private
  • No Gossip

Rastafari is a faith of humbleness and modesty. We don’t follow the ways of Babylon that wants to invoke lust, and cause women to look like street walkers. Often I want to wear a pink metallic looking lipstick, this is my favorite. One day I was wearing pink earrings and put on the pink lipstick, I felt I looked like someone who was selling sex. I immediately took off the earrings because that is not a Rastafari color for clothing anyway, and I wiped of the lipstick, because I knew that it was of Babylon. Rastafari women can wear make up but the colors must be muted and the makeup subtle.

I know Babylon has many temptations, its easy to want to fit in….keep the laws of Jah, and step into eternal life.




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