Dating outside your race / interracial dating…a form of self hate??

black man white woman loveIs dating outside your Race a form of self hate? I began to wonder about this after I watched a video on YouTube, on a talk show, about white women who say they can “please a black man, better than a black woman can.” There was one guest who came on and said “…you don’t date your own kind because you hate your self, if you loved your self, you would want somebody just like you…” That got me thinking…

Black men dating white women has become the latest fad in my town

More and more african american men are opting to date white women. Is it self hate? is it status? it because he thinks it makes him “more acceptable” to whites? Perhaps all of the above. Perhaps none of the above. Maybe some black men are dating white women because this is who they have fallen in love with, and her color is irrelevant.

I think any kind of “exclusive” dating is “hate and racism”, and prejudgment. To assume that you wont like a person, or that you can’t see your self having sex with a certain group, or excluding one group completely as a “no dating” group – this is a form of hate. If you do this to a race that happens to be your own…then yes this is self hate…I know because I have thought this way in the past.

Why is it more acceptable for a black woman to date a white?

IMG_2343_1It seems to be more accepted as “love” when a black woman and a white man are dating, but not if the man is black and the woman is white. Why? Could it be that the black woman, is seen as “being given a better opportunity” or that white men are seen as “more capable” of true love,  therefore it must be a true relationship. I wonder.

black women dating asian men

I have noticed a lot more asian men with black women now a days…is this the latest fad for single black women dating? As a Rastafarian woman, I believe you should be with whoever you love. I mean really love. Not the type of love that is here today and gone tomorrow because someone gains a few inches in the middle section. Real love doesn’t notice weight gain, or other little silly things that people often say is the reason they fell out of love. If an asian man and a black woman truly love each other, then nothing and no body should stop them from being together.

So is dating outside your race a form of self hate?

It can be, if you are dating the other person to ignore  who you are or to avoid your own heritage, culture, or ethnicity. It can be if you hate one or both of your parents and have vowed consciously or unconsciously not to have children of your culture / race. It can be if you can’t call your self your ethnicity out loud and say ” I am ______ and I am proud!” and mean it. Dating outside your race is not always a form of self hate, but it can be if you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

Thanks for reading my thoughts have a pleasant evening.

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7 thoughts on “Dating outside your race / interracial dating…a form of self hate??

  1. This issue just keeps coming back.

    I don’t think it is necessarily self-hate, but there are too many cases in which it is. If you are one race and you consistently reject dating in your race, then it is self-hate. Also many black men who say them love ‘browning’ or light skinded (WTF is that?) girls. Thats self hate too.

    Big up my sister.


  3. Hi, I’m really sorry that this has nothing to do with the entry that I am replying to, but I am not familiar with this site and I really wanted to get into contact with you. I’m a 17 year old male that lives in the Bahamas, and I really want to accept the Rastafarian way of living into my life. Do you have any advice for me?

  4. Until the phylorsorphy that holds one race superior and another inferior goes out of our lives as human being and we begin to love I and I as true rastas, disregarding colour of our skin or eye and just apreciate life and nature and just show true love which is raster the world will realy be hard, so as we’re entering a new era which is really cuming out good and will only get better, let no man preach against it in no from else face the wruth of God.

  5. my name is ras charles i n i live in the bahamas big up imperial majesties.EMPERESS MENEN of ETHIOPIA man and woman rasta. and a true one to.jah.this west we no as home is relly not home,yes jah say love every thing he make .and rasta love jah works all ways.jah made all his things just the way it is.the dog can not go with a cat .and a ass can not go with a pig.this is not jah way.the whites then had day time.and we for give them.this is blacks time to get to no each black ones all over .mother land call all blacks home.if you want to stay in the west you can never be rasta.big up black all over black is power.ras charles


    1. ras men ho dis black woman.olny looking for power they olny want money mouse of them ho have a white woman are not free they say they free but if he really look deep down in him he can see but not want to see.then he all for money .like her little house dog she can give money like a pet.and make him dis his race.
      the power of money’he just be come a deep lost black soul.


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