Cheap place to stay in Jamaica? Private Jamaican home / hostel

Hi guys this is gonna be just a small post on my family house in Jamaica. I was wanting to know how many people need a cheap place to stay in Jamaica. Our home is private, we charge hostel prices about $30 – $50 a night depending. Let me know.

Jamaican Dating

I know many women men and couples are interested in traveling to the caribbean to meet jamaican men or jamaican women. Your reasons are irrelavent to me, but if you need a cheap place to stay my family home might be just the trick especially if you dont wan to spend alot of money on accomodations. or if you are seeking free jamaican dating or rasta dating online please sign up on my forum…., I am considering just hooking people up while I am there my self.

Jamaican Culture and Jamaican travel

Many people want to visit Jamaica to learn about the culture or just to get away as a vacation. Jamaica is the place to be. Our home is located in the country in Westmoreland close to negril. So if you were searching for a cheap hotel accomodation in Negril maybe today is your lucky day.

6 thoughts on “Cheap place to stay in Jamaica? Private Jamaican home / hostel

    1. Yes, that would be wise….when I go in October I will take some nice photos and post them here.
      As far as location, our home is in West Moreland, Near Negril.
      Raspect, thanks for the input.

  1. finally,i have wondered for some time why jamaican fams r not doin homestays, these fancy hotels are to expensive for most of us and some of us would rather be with the locals than surrounded by other tourists. we need to see location and pics of accomodation. if your honest about what people should expect then this could be a good business for you. those of us who jus expect the basics make the best visitors. alot of us would struggle with cold water shower though.

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