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I met a woman from St. Vincent…

black-woman-thinkingSo here is what I am really getting at….I just wrote a blog post entitled Do black women give themselves a bad name…? I really want to break down my experience with this woman…and I want to tell you my thoughts every step of the way.

Before you say it…I will…yes I know not all women from St. Vincent are the same…..I know that already ok!

So, first I want to tell you that growing up, I used to think that people from the other Islands from Jamaica were different from Jamaicans. I assumed their music was different, their thinking was different, they didn’t know so much about Rastafari, they did different things. As I got older, and began to embrace my faith on a deeper level, I began to see all black people regardless of where they were from as my family, and someone I wanted to share the light of Jah with. So I decided, if you are caribbean…well the Culture can’t be that different right?

I met a woman from St, Vincent. Before we officially met, I actually avoided her as much as possible, because I could see by the way she interacted with other people that she was…

  • a bully
  • aggressive
  • domineering
  • belittling
  • Verbally abusive
  • Threatening
  • Scary

But I thought to my self ok leave her alone. She tried a couple of times to talk to me….keep in mind, I carry the light and it is my duty to share the light with my people. So, One day I decided, I would stop shutting her out, and eventually have a conversation with her about Rastafari.

  • Slowly I could see she only wanted to discuss one thing….other people!!!
  • She had no other desire for any other topics
  • She would spew hate and gossip from morning until night
  • She would use foul, sexual language in very disrespectful filthy ways

I was troubled…but I decided to press on. “She can’t really be like that” I thought…maybe she is just trying to impress me. When I bring her the light she will see and know that she really does not have to behave like this…

Dirty Pictures – Filth for the mind

One day we are sitting and chatting…she says she wants to show me something on her cell phone. (i feel sick thinking about it)

She shows me a photo that some guy sent her of just his penis. I was so fucking offended! ok. Some other day we are talking about how this girl we know got a Tatoo. I told her I am not into Tatoos cause that is a sign of Satan, and that in the bible it says you must not have or get a Tatoo. So she says I want to show you something….she shows me a picture of a black girl with some tattoos. She is nude, facing the camera and crouched down in like a dog “lay down” pose. So you can see her face and her back, but no anus, or vagina, or breasts or anything like that. Fine. I told her…I really don’t want to see any dirty pictures. Two seconds later, she says, ‘look at this” She shows me a picture of a man sticking his tongue out, about to do oral on a girl and you can see her Vagina. Highly, highly offensive shit to a Rastafari. Those photos disgust me. I couldn’t believe she was keeping these things in her phone. “For what purpose?” I wondered. Those images stayed in my mind for days.

Raising her son to be a thief

So this same woman from St. Vincent explains to me that. No females are allowed to go near his Father. That if you are a woman, including his Mother, and you try to sit near his Father, he will give you one sweeping push away from his Father…- and the kid is 5 years old! Makes no sense to me. Wait I am not done. So she also tells me that whenever they go to the grocery store, she allows her son to pick food of the shelf, open the package and start eating it. She does not pay for it, or mention it. She says the cashier does not usually ask any questions. She does not understand she is training her son to be a thief. Not good. Not good at all. I felt so bad for the little boy and wanted to tell her, but this is a woman who is very sensitive, and whose answer to being offended is to fight. So, I was trying to find the right words at the right moment…boy I wanted a long time.

In the mean time…

In the mean time I am thinking I am going to bring her the light and encourage her to become “clean” as we call it in Rastafari. The Bible says whoever touches pitch gets (dirty) black. So, the whole time I was feeling so filthy hearing her gossip, and her abusive threatening words of how she was going to cause physical harm to other people….( I feel sick thinking about her)

Can a person really be this corrupt? Before meeting her, I had no idea there were Caribbean woman like her. No Ia m serious. I had no idea. My closest friends have always been a white woman, or a black man. My experience with this woman from St. Vincent has caused me to feel very uncomfortable around black women in General. I have had to disconnect the friendship. She spews filth and threats from morning until night, her jokes are serious, she is extremely insecure, and just doesn’t even know how to be a good person. I learned…there Gods children, and Satan’s children – for real!

I was getting to something more, but I will leave it there for now. I don’t think I will try to be friends with a woman from the Caribbean again….well, Jamaicans, yes….but not from anywhere else. This is my opinion I am entitled to it. Like I said there is another element, you can figure out what it is…no more St. Vincent women for me.  I found this woman to be the epitome of TRASH!!!!!

  •  Weaves to no end
  • Tight clothes every day
  • Very hot-tempered
  • Spewing swear words early in the morning
  • referring to people as animals
  • TRASH!!!

I think some people are broken. And, I think a lot of them do not know they are broken, and some do. I think deep inside her she knows something is wrong, but she covers up the “wrong” with tights, make up and weave. Thinking as long as I am attractive everything is ok. I totally intended to say the whole truth, about some very yucky things this woman is doing. But I will spare her…Black Women lets be aware of our behavior, lets represent our selves in the “best” and not the “worst” light. Most people are expecting us to fail already. Lets not fall into the stereo types ok?

Sorry for sharing this trash with you….I hope this helps someone in some way, maybe her.




Honor Black Leaders/Heroes (page 4)

malcolm-xHonor Black Heroes of Past

Have at least 3 wall mounted photos of great black leaders throughout Your home. Such as..


  • Malcolm X – American Civil Rights Activist who preached “by any means necessary”
  •  Martin Luther King – American Civil Rights Activists and Leader for Rights and Freedoms of black Americans.
  •  Marcus Garvey – Jamaican Pioneer and advocate in movement for Black Rights, and Independence Liberation;
  •  Emperor Haile Selassie I– Black King of Ethiopia, 1930, Defended, Ethiopia from Colonization


Malcolm X Speech – “Black Unity”


“Salaam Alaikum, Mr. Moderator, our distinguished guests, brothers and sisters, our friends and our enemies, everybody who’s here.

As many of you know, last March when it was announced that I was no longer in the Black Muslim movement, it was pointed out that it was my intention to work among the 22 million non-Muslim Afro-Americans and to try and form some type of organization, or create a situation where the young people – our young people, the students and others – could study the problems of our people for a period of time and then come up with a new analysis and give us some new ideas and some new suggestions as to how to approach a problem that too many other people have been playing around with for too long. And that we would have some kind of meeting and determine at a later date whether to form a black nationalist party or a Black Nationalist army.

There have been many of our people across the country from all walks of life who have taken it upon themselves to try and pool their ideas and to come up with some kind of solution to the problem that confronts all of our people. And tonight we are here to try and get an understanding of what it is they’ve come up with.

Also, recently when I was blessed to make a religious pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca where I met many people from all over the world, plus spent many weeks in Africa trying to broaden my own scope and get more of an open mind to look at the problem as it actually is, one of the things that I realized, and I realized this even before going over there, was that our African brothers have gained their independence faster than you and I here in America have. They’ve also gained recognition and respect as human beings much faster than you and I.
Just ten years ago on the African continent, our people were colonized. They were suffering all forms of colonization, oppression, exploitation, degradation, humiliation, discrimination, and every other kind of -ation. And in a short time, they have gained more independence, more recognition, more respect as human beings than you and I have. And you and I live in a country which is supposed to be the citadel of education, freedom, justice, democracy, and all of those other pretty-sounding words.

So it was our intention to try and find out what it was our African brothers were doing to get results, so that you and I could study what they had done and perhaps gain from that study or benefit from their experiences. And my traveling over there was designed to help to find out how.

One of the first things that the independent African nations did was to form an organization called the Organization of African Unity. This organization consists of all independent African states who have reached the agreement to submerge all differences and combine their efforts

A link that describes the people of the bible as black….


Go to page 5

King Selassie I Speech Spirituality (page 2 )

(from the book – Rastafari Spirituality for African Americans)

In Jah name
Rastafari Unite.

For all my Little Lambs, who seek truth.


King Selassie’s Speech – “Spirituality”

“The temple of “The Most high” begins with the human body, which houses our life, essence of our existence. Africans are in bondage today because they approach spirituality through Religion provided by foreign invaders and conquerors. We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans which were supposed to help people grow spiritually.”

“Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, and divisive and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was given by “The Most high”. Spirituality is a network linking us to “The Most high”, the universe and each other. As the essence of our existence it embodies our culture, true identity, nationhood and destiny. A people without a nation they can really call their own is a people without a soul. Africa is our nation and is in spiritual and physical bondage because her leaders are turning to outside forces for solutions to African problems when everything Africa needs is within her. When African righteous people come together, the world will come together. This is our divine destiny.”


  1. “Africans are in bondage because they approach spirituality through Religion…”
  2. “We must stop confusing Religion and Spirituality…Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans…”
  3. “Due to human imperfection Religion has become corrupt…”
  4. “Spirituality is a “way of life” …of which embodies our culture, true identity, nationhood and destiny…”
  5. “Everything Africa needs is within her…” (all the needs of black people can be met within the black community)

Who I am

I am a messenger of “The Most high.” It matters not that you believe that I am his messenger, it only matters that I deliver the message.

You will read some things here, that may surprise you, or offend you, or inspire you. Remember I am The Messenger.

Every Born Rasta has been given the same message. Some “tweak” it to fit into, or to follow, Babylon, or to satisfy their (sexual) “perversions.” I am filled with truth.

I am like a courier who has been given the task of delivering a message from point A to point B. Jah is point A, Black people is point B.

I do not question the message; I have been programmed not to. Therefore pleases do not question me; I have few answers for you. I have learned it best not to Question “The Most high.”


Rastafari for african americans


Peace and blessings to all


Why Choose Rastafari?

Rastafari can trace its holy prophet right into the 19th century. Emperor Haile Selassie is the 225th descendent to sit up on the throne of king David as promised by God in the holy Christian bible. The holy Scripture Reads…

2 Samuel 7

8 “Now then, tell my servant David… When your days are over and you rest with your ancestors, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, your own flesh and blood, and I will establish his kingdom. 13 He is the one who will build a house for my Name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. 14 I will be his father, and he will be my son… ”

Emperor Haile Selassie sat up on the throne of King David from 1930 to 1974

Go to page 3

Rastafari – African American Spirituality (page 1)



I have wrote this book for Black Africans who want to follow the lifestyle of Rastafari…it will take me some time but I will have all the pages up on my blog soon. I am also in the process of writing a new book entitled. Rastafari Beliefs and Overstanding.  Read and enjoy.

(from the book – Rastafari Spirituality for African Americans)






I dedicate this book, to all my beautiful Kings and Queens who do not know they are a Kings and Queens yet, but whom will know when they have finished reading this book.

Jah Bless, Ras-Tafari.

Peace and Blessings


What is a Rasta?

Self Esteem as Black Hue-man

10 Great Black Inventions!

Your Holy Crown

Rastafari Knowledge /Awareness

Holy Mount Zion


The truth about Black People


Mating and Relating as Rasta

Emperor Haile Selassie I

10 Things…

The Sabbath

Rastafari Meditation

Religion vs. Rastafari

Bible Verses Every Rasta Should Know

In Jah name
Rastafari Unite.

For all my Little Lambs, who seek truth

Go to page 2

Rastafari Vs. Religion (from book)

(from the book – Rastafari Spirituality for African Americans)

Religion vs. Rastafari

Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Catholicism are great Religions, But only The Ras Tafari way of life, promotes the Natural Beauty and upliftment of the Black hue-man. We as Black hue-mans have our own….

  • Economical
  • Spiritual
  • Dietary
  • Familial
  • Social



Rastafari is the proper choice to cater to the spiritual needs of the black man, black woman and black child, and black family as a whole of which any “Religion” does not address.


Jah say…

“I send my messengers to deliver my message of love, strength and remembrance. Be wise my Kings and Queens, and follow the lead of the prophets I have sent for you. Rastafari is your rightful way. ”


The Black hue-man and Religion

:There is no reason why a Black skinned coily Haired hue-man today, American, Jamaican, Canadian, African, or otherwise, should choose to follow a Religion. Religion may be and is detrimental to the Black Hue-man in the following ways….


Feelings of Inadequacy: Religion may cause the black hue-man to feel inadequate in comparison to others who are of the same ethnic origin As his Religious Messiah/Prophet.


Low in Self Esteem: Religion may cause the black hue-man to become low in self-esteem as his appearance doe s not resembles the appearance of his religious God. He may silently telling him self, “My people are ugly”, In regards to his own black African Appearance, and believe that he is unworthy of Respect and Success.


Spiritually Frustrated: Religion may cause the black-hue-man to feel spiritually Empty and frustrated embracing his Religion, as his Religion may feel more like a job, a chore, something he is doing against his own desire… rather than something that is personal, pressure free, and uplifting.


Hopeless about life: Religion may cause the black – hue-man to feel hopeless about life, as he dedicates himself to a religion that, acknowledges not his people, his culture, his identity, his history, nor the positive contributions of his black ancestors, who paved the way before him, but to refer to them as “ex-slaves.”


As a kinky coily haired dark-skinned hue-man…Rastafari is your Rightful Faith, straight from The Most High, to his Rastafari messengers (all born Rasta), to call all Black People to follow this way of life.


A very wise Rastafari friend of mine, from England says…”The Chinese have their Chinese God, The white man has his white God, and the Indians have their Indian God…. Black people are the only ones who follow a God that does not look like them!”

The meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life The meaning of life according to Rastafari.

You were designed by Jah Jah designed you therefore; you are actually a spiritual being have a physical human experience. You are a creation of Jah. Jah dwells in you, and he loves you.

Jah gave you Life and Free will Had it not been for the loving power of the Almighty Jah, You would not exist today. Jah gave you life; he gave you and every person life. Not only did he give you life….he also gave you free will. So you could choose to follow and keep his laws, or follow and keep the laws of something of another Master.

Jah wants you to choose him from the heart

Jah does not force you to choose him. He gently reminds you now and then, through other people, music, signs, etc. but mostly he allows the decision to be one with him to come from you. Jah want you to choose him from the heart.

This is just a test….!

I have a secret to reveal to you my Sistrens and Idrens….This is just a test and so many people are failing it.

Satan loves to tempt me…I know I have to say no every time. Jah wants clean people in Zion. Not those who give into lustful, envious, jealous, sinful desires.

When Satan Comes around I just say “no” or Ignore whatever it is he is in…be it a person, a drink, a movie, a substance, an encounter…the Rastafari response is “no.”

Jah won’t let you down.

Many People Choose Satan because they feel they have to. They think that if they put all their faith and all their trust in Jah…they will be disappointed…they they will not be prosperous..this is a myth….I know I used to believe it my Self.

Jah wants you to depend wholly and solely on him…he will be there…he will not let you down. I have been living my life in this way for the past 2 years…and Jah Jah, my best friend, my guiding light, has come through for me every time I thought he would not. But the truth is mostly I avoid doing the things Jah doesn’t like because I don’t want to disappoint him, then the bonus is that he does come through for me….I am so blessed.

If you decide to go this route, Jah wont let you down. If you yourself over to him completely and your heart is clean…he will be there…like an Angel, loving you, protecting you, and creating sponges for you wherever they are needed….I promise.

The meaning of life is….

So the meaning of life according to the Rastafari is…

#1 Avoid Satan’s temptations, and do not give in….

#2 Trust Jah…100% He will come through for you…if your living and deeds are clean.

For Rasta Empress….Dont look like a prostitue!

Allowed and not allowed….

why become rasta


Not Allowed!

  • Permed hair (chemically straightened)
    makeup especially in bright colors
    the use of swear words
  • More than one sex partner
  • talking about sex
  • showing the hair when many men are around
  • Using hair locks to attract sexual attention
  • wearing clothing that accentuates the buttocks or chest area
  • Speaking of sexual experiences
  • experimenting with anything
  • Gossiping

Encouraged for Rasta Empress to

  • Wear her hair natural
  • Tone down her makeup or wear no make, no bright colors
  • Have on husband or Kingman
  • refrain from speaking about sex
  • keep the hair covered int he presence of men she does not know and in public places
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable yet feminine such as dresses and skirts
  • Keeping sexual experiences private
  • No Gossip

Rastafari is a faith of humbleness and modesty. We don’t follow the ways of Babylon that wants to invoke lust, and cause women to look like street walkers. Often I want to wear a pink metallic looking lipstick, this is my favorite. One day I was wearing pink earrings and put on the pink lipstick, I felt I looked like someone who was selling sex. I immediately took off the earrings because that is not a Rastafari color for clothing anyway, and I wiped of the lipstick, because I knew that it was of Babylon. Rastafari women can wear make up but the colors must be muted and the makeup subtle.

I know Babylon has many temptations, its easy to want to fit in….keep the laws of Jah, and step into eternal life.




Rastafari; Beliefs and Principles (book)

bobmarleytributeHello every one. The truth is right now I have to pee. but I am so excited to tell you about my new book coming out. I have finally chosen a title….lIts called…“Rastafari; Beliefs and Principles” I hope many people will appreciate the book, because it has taken me a long time to right it. Every week I figure it will be done by next week, but each week seems to lead into the next and then into the next.

I do hope it will be done by next week lol.

Here are the table of contents of my new book

“Rastafari; Beliefs & Principles”

(my new book)


Understand how and Why Rastafari got started. however unglamorous it may be this is the truth.

Embracing the Faith

In this Chapter I have included some things a person may not know or may need to be aware of when embracing the Rastafari faith.

  • The sabbath and the covenant
  • The Lion of Judah Flag
  • Jah Light

and more…


I have a section about Jah. What he looks like so to speak, his name can be found in the bible… and I explain if other Gods really do exist.

  • who is Jah
  • 6 Truths of Jah
  • What is the true Image of Jah
  • and more…

25 Principles of Rastafari

I have included about 25 principles of Rastafari. I feel this is what people want to know…how we live, what we know…and what is the basis for all the Rastafari principles truly.

Here is a list of some of those principles…

  • Love
  • Unity
  • Self Awareness
  • Natural Living
  • Dreadlocks
  • Pro-life
  • The Temple
  • Self Awareness as Rasta

But I discuss these thing more in-depth in the book of course


  • Non- Attachment
  • Satan
  • Judgement


The Hero’s and Leaders

  • King Selassie I
  • Marcus Garvey

How to Enter Zion

 “…For many are called, but few are chosen…” Matthew 22:14



How to Enter Zion

  • Jah in Zion
  • Jah Cleanses Us
  • Depend on Jah
  • The Holy Christian Bible
  • How to Handle Enemies
  • Rastafari fast

What is Zion Like?

Zion is a place where the weather is always nice. The birds are always chirping, the trees, grass and bushes are all manicured and maintained, and the Sun is always shining, Zion is also known as heaven. In Zion there is no crime, no poverty, and no negative energy to speak of. Zion is full of love, full of harmony, and all souls who are in Zion etc….Buy Rastafari Beliefs and principles ebook on amaozon.

Rastafari Book!

Rastafari as a Non African

white rastaAs stated earlier Rastafari is a way of life, that is rooted in African Culture and Traditions. Because Rastafarian is of Jah, people of all Nations may embrace the Faith of Rastafari. How should you embrace this faith as a non-African? There are a few guidelines to be aware of. A Few boxes that must get ticked, in order that we keep within the principles of the Rastafari.


Self-Awareness as Non African


Rastafari feels that the foundation of a man/woman must be strong in order to last and be strong. In other words in order to embrace this faith, you will need to start by learning about your own roots and culture. One of the principles of Rastafari is “Self Awareness”


Know Accomplishments of your own people

Connect spirituality to your own ancestors

Take pride in your own nation and appearance

Celebrate your people


Two Cultures to Be proud of..?

I became acquainted with one individual who felt it “ok” to learn as much as he could about Ethiopia and King Selassie I and Empress Menen, but did not feelrasta god, selassie it necessary to give the same respects to his own roots and culture. According to the principles of Rastafari, this is not allowed. It completely ignores the principle of “Self-awareness” and “self-Love.”


Rastafari does not ask Non Africans who embrace Rastafari to know African history and Culture and to ignore their own…to do such a thing is “Babylonian thinking!…It’s like me a black Jamaican African woman embracing the faith of Hinduism, and ignoring my own traditions culture, values and ancestry. Nonsense!


So if you want to embrace Rastafari as a non-African…



Principles of Rastafari


When you read the Principles of Rastafari with the Overstanding that Rastafari was…

1.created and implemented by Jah in heart of every Rasta men Rasta woman and Rasta child help and heal, the black nation out of Slavery, into freedom and independence, live as peaceably with other Nations,

4.Teach The black nation live clean in order to Enter Zion

…then you will acquire the “Spiritual Essence” of Rastafari.

The true light love and Guidance of the faith of Rastafari.

I have separated the Rastafari Principles into 3 major Categories, for Overstanding and Organization.








His name is “Jah”

“…Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the Heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.”

– Psalms 68 vs. 4 King James Version

Who is Jah

Jah is the God of the Universe. There is only one God just as there is only one Universe. “God” does not exist. Only Jah!

What is the image of Jah ?

The image (vibration) or likeness of Jah is…




Love (The Rastafari Principle of…)


 rasta dating and marriage

“Love the black nation

Love of Self

Love all of Gods Creations

Love your brother and your sister show them love

Love the black Nation

All Rastafari regardless of his or her own  ethnic origin must love the black nation, as the black nation were made in the image of Jah and designed as Jah first human. WE know Adama nad |Eve Came out of Ethiopia, therefore all Rasta who love the Almighty love the black nation.

Love of Self

As Rastafari all Rasta must love themselves without limit and without restriction.

This includes your own origin, your facial features, Hair texture, skin-color, eye color etc. Self-Love as Rasta is of the utmost importance. As messengers of love, we know that in order to be effective we must first love our selves.

Love all Jah life Creations

We as Rastafari love Jah the Almighty Creator, so naturally we love all of his beautiful wonderful and Glorious creations. From Humans, to plants, to sunshine, to rainfall, to birds that fly in the sky to Trees…Jah Jah made them all, so with the love of Rasta, we love all living creations.

Love your Brother and your Sister

My ethnic origin is Caribbean Canadian. I as Rasta have to love all other Caribbean Canadian people’s. What’s your origin and back ground? Jamaicans and all Caribbean’s are considered my “brothers and Sisters” As Empress, I show them love, by being helpful, wherever and whenever I can, and sharing an uplifting word whenever possible.

Jah Jah smiles when he sees that I help and lift up my brothers and Sisters. Loving your brothers and Sisters is a demonstration of loving yourself.


I didn’t really fall in love with myself until I embraced the Rastafari levity. Before then I was wishing my skin was lighter and that my hair could be straighter. During the winter I felt more beautiful, because during the summer I would become “dark” when my hair was permed (chemical hair straighten) I felt more beautiful.

I didn’t know it then but I didn’t love my self until I started wearing my own hair and started to love my curls, and knew that they also represented my Ancestors, who I knew were walking with me everywhere I went. Love yourself for who you are, look at yourself from a perspective that is Royal and Impressionable. We are all created unique and beautiful in the eyes of Jah. See yourself as he sees you. A beautiful unique  masterpiece.”

This is an excerpt from my new Rasta book….”Rastafari Is”…. this is one of the 17 principles Rastafari people live by.

Jah bless. Rastafari.

Free Jamaican Recipes cook eBook

jamaican beef patty
View the “Jamaican Recipes book” in Full Screen Here.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Rasta beliefs on love/dating/marriage….Just a sneak peak

Hey guys. As I stated I am writing a book on Rastafari for all of you.  This is my first book, and I have other things to do in my life so I have kind of slowed down on the writing for now. The good news is the rough copy is all done….so I just have to finish the final copy and we are all set. I know many of you wonder what Rastafarians believe on a whole slew of topics, but I wanted to make this post specific on love dating and marriage.

Rasta beliefs on dating non Rastas

rasta love and marriageMany “deep” for lack of better word, Rastafari men and women will not date someone outside of their spiritual beliefs. We understand that this could mean being single for a long time and even maybe forever. We depend on Jah to bring us the right person when the time is right. However, there are some Rasta who are ok with the notion of meeting someone who is not Rasta and then “converting” that person for lack of a better word, into Rastafari. So, like anything else to each his own. You will find more men will date a non Rasta woman, and more Rasta women, will not date a non Rasta man. This is generally speaking. Maybe its all about availability….who knows.

Why do some Rastas like Bob Marley have so many women?

rastafari love and marriageRasta men, are not immune to having multiple relationships with women. But truly I feel they just have too much love in their hearts. This is gonna get me in trouble….Most Rastafari men I would say 95% are faithful, and 5 percent not so faithful. This is for various reasons. Bob Marley was a very good-looking superstar, and he was Rastafari. Many women were attracted to him and I’m sure him attracted to them. What I am getting at is this for some men of Rastafari they have many women at one time because the women allow it. On the other hand there are Rastafari men who just don’t believe in sleeping around at all. In fact most of us “Jamaican Ras” operate in this manner. People get away with what they can folks…bottom line.

Do Rastas believe in true love?

Rastas believe big time in true love. We do believe that true love is possible, and when we love we love with all our hearts. For someone who is not ready for this type of love, they may feel undeserving, or “smothered” Rastas get into a relationship intending to stay there, most of us, for the most part. Love is one of the things we live for. With love, food tastes better, life looks brighter, and we can be mentally clearer. Romantic love is an essential part of human life. As an earthly being we have earthly needs. Love and affection are paramount to a person of Rastafari spirituality.

How can I make my Rasta King love me more?

Many women have put comments regarding their relationship wondering, is he truthful? Is he sleeping around? Things of this nature. Perhaps if you feel the need to ask these questions, he is not the one for you. If your man is clearly accessible and perhaps you want to deepen the bond the two of you have as a non Rastafari woman, trust him, and believe what he tells you about “Jah” and about life. Eat how he eats, live how he lives, love him how he loves you and respect it. Your Rasta King will greatly appreciate this. And when you do this and he wants to touch you passionately, you can thank me in the comments….lol

Rasta beliefs on Marriage

Truth is ladies, we Rastas don’t really believe in marriage. That is not to say we wont do it. Just most of us don’t make a big deal out of it. We believe the relationship is the marriage, and like marriage if we no longer want to be in the relationship we will leave. We also believe marriage doesn’t come with any gaurantees…just because you are married it doesn’t mean the person will love you for ever. We believe in letting love just be what it’s going to be and that a piece of paper isn’t all that important when it comes to matters of the heart. The support, the communication, being reliable, and being each others best friend is what a relationship should be all about. Put your heart in it and it will be great. This is what we Rasta believe about marriage.  This post is very short. perhaps I will writ more another time. Thanks for reading. Bye  for now.

Do Rasta believe in getting having children and settling down?


We Ras live for this type of relationship. To settle down and have a family is every single rasta dream. However we know sometimes Jah wants us to stay clear and clean for his own reasons. We accept the single life and embrace it just the same we would our committed relationship. A Rasta in a long-term relationship, typically is a happy one. We love to do things for our partners and for a children, because we see God in our partners and our children. Please visit my new forum if you are looking for information on Rasta dating, or post your own profile seeking love. Blessed Love. Rastafari is the truth every time!