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I met a woman from St. Vincent…

black-woman-thinkingSo here is what I am really getting at….I just wrote a blog post entitled Do black women give themselves a bad name…? I really want to break down my experience with this woman…and I want to tell you my thoughts every step of the way.

Before you say it…I will…yes I know not all women from St. Vincent are the same…..I know that already ok!

So, first I want to tell you that growing up, I used to think that people from the other Islands from Jamaica were different from Jamaicans. I assumed their music was different, their thinking was different, they didn’t know so much about Rastafari, they did different things. As I got older, and began to embrace my faith on a deeper level, I began to see all black people regardless of where they were from as my family, and someone I wanted to share the light of Jah with. So I decided, if you are caribbean…well the Culture can’t be that different right?

I met a woman from St, Vincent. Before we officially met, I actually avoided her as much as possible, because I could see by the way she interacted with other people that she was…

  • a bully
  • aggressive
  • domineering
  • belittling
  • Verbally abusive
  • Threatening
  • Scary

But I thought to my self ok leave her alone. She tried a couple of times to talk to me….keep in mind, I carry the light and it is my duty to share the light with my people. So, One day I decided, I would stop shutting her out, and eventually have a conversation with her about Rastafari.

  • Slowly I could see she only wanted to discuss one thing….other people!!!
  • She had no other desire for any other topics
  • She would spew hate and gossip from morning until night
  • She would use foul, sexual language in very disrespectful filthy ways

I was troubled…but I decided to press on. “She can’t really be like that” I thought…maybe she is just trying to impress me. When I bring her the light she will see and know that she really does not have to behave like this…

Dirty Pictures – Filth for the mind

One day we are sitting and chatting…she says she wants to show me something on her cell phone. (i feel sick thinking about it)

She shows me a photo that some guy sent her of just his penis. I was so fucking offended! ok. Some other day we are talking about how this girl we know got a Tatoo. I told her I am not into Tatoos cause that is a sign of Satan, and that in the bible it says you must not have or get a Tatoo. So she says I want to show you something….she shows me a picture of a black girl with some tattoos. She is nude, facing the camera and crouched down in like a dog “lay down” pose. So you can see her face and her back, but no anus, or vagina, or breasts or anything like that. Fine. I told her…I really don’t want to see any dirty pictures. Two seconds later, she says, ‘look at this” She shows me a picture of a man sticking his tongue out, about to do oral on a girl and you can see her Vagina. Highly, highly offensive shit to a Rastafari. Those photos disgust me. I couldn’t believe she was keeping these things in her phone. “For what purpose?” I wondered. Those images stayed in my mind for days.

Raising her son to be a thief

So this same woman from St. Vincent explains to me that. No females are allowed to go near his Father. That if you are a woman, including his Mother, and you try to sit near his Father, he will give you one sweeping push away from his Father…- and the kid is 5 years old! Makes no sense to me. Wait I am not done. So she also tells me that whenever they go to the grocery store, she allows her son to pick food of the shelf, open the package and start eating it. She does not pay for it, or mention it. She says the cashier does not usually ask any questions. She does not understand she is training her son to be a thief. Not good. Not good at all. I felt so bad for the little boy and wanted to tell her, but this is a woman who is very sensitive, and whose answer to being offended is to fight. So, I was trying to find the right words at the right moment…boy I wanted a long time.

In the mean time…

In the mean time I am thinking I am going to bring her the light and encourage her to become “clean” as we call it in Rastafari. The Bible says whoever touches pitch gets (dirty) black. So, the whole time I was feeling so filthy hearing her gossip, and her abusive threatening words of how she was going to cause physical harm to other people….( I feel sick thinking about her)

Can a person really be this corrupt? Before meeting her, I had no idea there were Caribbean woman like her. No Ia m serious. I had no idea. My closest friends have always been a white woman, or a black man. My experience with this woman from St. Vincent has caused me to feel very uncomfortable around black women in General. I have had to disconnect the friendship. She spews filth and threats from morning until night, her jokes are serious, she is extremely insecure, and just doesn’t even know how to be a good person. I learned…there Gods children, and Satan’s children – for real!

I was getting to something more, but I will leave it there for now. I don’t think I will try to be friends with a woman from the Caribbean again….well, Jamaicans, yes….but not from anywhere else. This is my opinion I am entitled to it. Like I said there is another element, you can figure out what it is…no more St. Vincent women for me.  I found this woman to be the epitome of TRASH!!!!!

  •  Weaves to no end
  • Tight clothes every day
  • Very hot-tempered
  • Spewing swear words early in the morning
  • referring to people as animals
  • TRASH!!!

I think some people are broken. And, I think a lot of them do not know they are broken, and some do. I think deep inside her she knows something is wrong, but she covers up the “wrong” with tights, make up and weave. Thinking as long as I am attractive everything is ok. I totally intended to say the whole truth, about some very yucky things this woman is doing. But I will spare her…Black Women lets be aware of our behavior, lets represent our selves in the “best” and not the “worst” light. Most people are expecting us to fail already. Lets not fall into the stereo types ok?

Sorry for sharing this trash with you….I hope this helps someone in some way, maybe her.




Black Women…themselves Bad name?

imagesCA3P5OQZFirst I want to start off by saying not all black women are the same. Just like not all black men are the same ok. So don’t tell me that not all black women are the same, I already know that.

What I am about to share with you makes my stomach feel sick. I think I feel this way because of the amount of truth and honesty I invested in the “friendship” thinking I could “help” or change this person.


I cannot speak of the exact situation for privacy sake…lets say I recently had the opportunity to get very close and personal with some black women. Some “stayed” longer, and some “left” early.


Something Wrong with her…?

In this “situation” there was one Jamaican black woman, I think she is in her 4os. She was constantly berating people when higher-ups weren’t looking and saying inappropriate things, and threatening people. (My stomach just felt sick again when I thought of the next black woman I will tell you about) So this woman, I actually met her before and she was acting the exact same way, no change. We were not friends, and we are still not friends. Anyway. I was told some time ago that this lady got her self into some trouble. Anyway I recently heard her say from her own mouth…”I am being charged with Criminal harassment.”

After that statement some time passed by, we had a situation in our “situation” that made her angry….low and behold…I witnessed her harass an older lady from Guyana. She was threatening her with physical harm, as she harassed her right out the door. I couldn’t believe it!!! So I thought well not everybody is like this its just her…..

  • Maybe her parents treated her like that
  • Maybe she doesn’t believe in God and believes she has to control everything
  • Maybe she ….

My Dream about Black Women’s feelings & Experience.

imagesCA6227MZBefore I forget (this is what I call blogging raw by the way) I had a dream, after asking myself why she was behaving like this, and the other woman I will soon tell you about. My dream (I feel teary about this) basically showed me that some black women carry so much pain, which turns to anger, from so many things (racism, culturalism, rejection, not feeling beautiful, having to prove ourselves, disrespected by black men, treated as sex objects, treated as stupid etc.) that we often berate, verbally abuse, fist fight, reject, bring down, other black women, as a way of releasing some of that emotional pain which has turned to anger, which has resulted in self-hatred.

Again I am aware that not all black women are the same. I know. But when I thought about it….I believe this does ring true for some. I have seen it in my own life…and this answer makes a lot of sense.  I am a black woman too. I feel the pain and have the experience too. Dont get me wrong, I love my self, and if I had life to do over again,   I would say “Jah, make me a Jamaican black woman again.” That is how much I am grateful to live life from this perspective. I just think trying to live in a society that does not promote your beauty, your culture, your talents etc. Is not easy. I think my life would be different if I were in an all black society. Hence my desire to live in Jamaica.

Read next “I met a woman from St. Vincent”


jah rasta prayers

18 JAH JAH PRAYERSstar of david prayer book

HOW TO KEEP A RASTA HAPPYbobmarleytribute

life as a rasta woman cover
rasta bible


how to become a rasta book
Rasta beliefs and Principles

What is Rastafari? 10 Points

king selassie empress menenWhat is Rastafari?

  1. King Selassie I
  2. Celebration of African Culture
  3. Gratitude
  4. Rastafari is a faith of Gratitude
  5. Resist Satan’s Temptations.
  6. Truth of God (Jah)
  7. Order
  8. Unity
  9. Forward and positive
  10. Love


King Selassie I of Ethiopia


King Selassie I is what Jesus Christ is to Christianity. Yes, King Selassie I was a devout Christian, but Jah has his way and Jah has his reasons. Rastas are Rasta for a reason and Rasta are Rasta with a purpose. I give thanks for the life and works of King Selassie I every day. When I think of him…I think of him as an everlasting friend and my personal Savior. Many Rasta feel this way too.

Celebration of Africa

Celebration of African Culture. Rastafari is a celebration of African and Caribbeanmalcolm-x Culture. As Rasta we celebrate every day by wearing Ethiopian colors, wearing Rasta Jewelry of natural fibers, burning incense in honor of those who walked before us. This includes Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King etc. and eating clean earth foods, such as yam, potatoes, and greens. Rastafari love African history, culture and literature too.

Gratitude for What you Have

In Rastafari, to wake up every morning and allow your self to curse is a Sin. As Rasta we are grateful for all that we have the big and the small. Every morning when you wake up you should say, thank you Jah for my bed, thank you Jah for a good nights sleep, and thank you Jah for another day.


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Resist Satan

As Rasta we avoid temptations of Satan. This includes, porn, cigarettes, bars nightclubs, Lust etc. We live our lives in a way that is pleasing to the Most High Jah, and keep a tight reign on our thoughts at all times. Rasta knows all unclean behavior stems from our thinking. Keep it clean my beauties.

The Truth of Jah

Rastas know the truth about God. We are born with it. It is our Job to educate the black jesus, rastaman, praying rastapeople and guide them into living a life that reflects the life God wants for all of us. Rasta knows God is really Jah and that Jah is the light and truth of all the world. He has rules….he is not a God of slackness, Jah is God, the only God of truth, cleanliness, Zion and purity.


An “Inborn” Concept

Many people of the west view Rastafari as a Religion. That makes sense…many are not used to an inborn concept such as Rastafari. The truth is Rasta are born that way. They have the rules for living, loving, eating and worship, already written on our hearts at birth. Rastafari is a spirituality of the heart not a religion. That is why there are not that many Rastafari around,. Although many can be found in the Caribbean and Africa.

The Order of Rastafari

Rastafari is a faith of order. This can be taken figuratively and literally. In Rastafari there is a way of doing just about everything. The other way Rastafari have an order is to follow in the foot steps of King Selassie I and Empress Menen. They are our Role Models. To go against the order is to disrespect the faith. This includes but is not limited to….not swearing, having your own income, having one mate as opposed to more than one sexual partner. The order of Rastafari is written on the heart of every Rasta, man, woman and child.


Rastafari is Unity of all humanity. As Rasta because we are a spirituality of peace, we would like to see all nations come together in love and harmony. Rastafari knows that the earth was made for all and that all men are equal, but that some of us want to live from the ego and do not respect other. Unity is the Answer to many of the worlds problems.

Always forward…

As Rasta we are forward thinking and positive. I am having a hard time with this lately but, I know it is the right thing. Life is too short to dwell on the past and think negative. As Rasta we look forward to the future, and try to keep positive. Babylon is a hard place for a person who wants to live righteous and clean. Keep the mind and Jah, take time to meditate and keep trodding on.


To Rasta, love makes life better. Through love we get happiness, understanding, unity, peace, respect, honor support….Rastafari know all good things for all people come from love. We need more love in the world. Rastafari is the rasta dating and marriagerighteous way of life.


Blessed. Rastafari.



jah rasta prayers

18 JAH JAH PRAYERSstar of david prayer book

HOW TO KEEP A RASTA HAPPYbobmarleytribute

life as a rasta woman cover
rasta bible


how to become a rasta book
Rasta beliefs and Principles
Rastafari (blog) Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Blogs Old Rastafari Blog Posts:



jamaican earrings: rasta colored and silver beaded dangle


Rasta Beads with Black Faux Shell Dangle Earrings.

Rasta Earrings, Dangle with Silver and Rasta Colored Beads. Earrings are 4 inches in lengthJamaican Colored Earrings. With Flag Faux shell beads and Silver Tribal Beads. Earrings are 4 Inches in length.

Chat Room (Video)- Rastafarian Jamaican (Beta)

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No More Black Woman and Black Man Love Relationships?

Was it just survival?

Do you think you could find more black man and black woman relationships in the 80s and before because it was an issue of survival? We as a people were still fighting for our rights so to speak during those times. I’m still not sure if I can say we are in the clear. But maybe a lot of black men and black women feel a lot more free pardon the pun, to be who they are and therefore feel like they don’t have to have a black person by their side helping them to fight the fight any more.

What about those who are single and black and who today want to marry within the black nation. Is this something of past. Are these people shit out of luck. If they are you can count me in.

More black men date white

More and more black men now days are opting to date and marry non black women. It makes for slim pickings for a woman like me who refuses to be with someone of a different ethnicity than her, Why you may be asking. Its something that is important to me. It’s who I am, carried, on. I want to mate black to produce black because I am so in love with my culture and my people.

More black women interracial date

Many black women are opting to date outside the black race to, however I feel their reasoning is a little different from the black mans. I feel many black woman are doing this because frankly the black men leave them no other choice since black men are no longer choosing to date black women and b a lot of black women are dating outside their race because they seem to mixing and mingling more outside of the black community and it is a common occurence to date interracial these days.

The matter of respect for black women

I feel like the interracial mixing between white men and black women is more underground, or less public and that the interracial dating and marrying of white women to black men is more mainstream. I feel like the black woman who dates out side of her race does not get the same respect as the black man who dates out side his race

I feel like the black woman is seen as a sell out, where the black man is seen as making the right choice and doing what every man should be doing. When I look at it from the outside. I feel the black woman benefits the most. But maybe that is just my own biased opinion, you figure it out.

what am I to the black man now?

Sometimes I wonder just exactly what I am suppose to be to a  black man who now exclusively sleeps with women non black. I actually have someone in my life like that now. It make for alot of arguments. I think he likes me as a friend because I am the only women in his life who doesn nto want to have sex with him.

I need a black Rasta man!

Being Rastafari, not just cause  a man is black it means I want him. Oh No! he must be Rasta. A true Rasta, and also not too tall please….lol then I may want him. This friend of mine is confusing, the whole friendship is confusing. We had a terrible argument the other day and I said some pretty bad things. oh well.

Black men hate black women now

There are black men nowadays that hate black women so much so they want to show black women how much they hate them. It happens to me all the time. I just turn my head. There are some white women who are extremely jealous of black women’s DNA. The whole thing is diabolical.

Are black men brainwashed?

I am a black woman who loves black, I seek to date and marry black. I don’t have any thing to prove to anybody. I love my self. I feel hurt that black men seek to date out side of their race and feel some how they are better than black woman or that they want to cause pain to black woman. All in all its their own self hate. This is brainwashing at its best folks.

King Selassie married black

What happened to the days of King Selassie and his wife Empress Menen. Another example of a black man and black woman who loved each other. King Selassie married Black. He is seen as a Role model to many Rastafari men.

White girls and Black Rastas

I was having a conversation with a white female friend of mine one day….she asked something I can’t remember the question, my reply to her was “I wont answer that” She said “Why cause true Rastas don’t date white girls…” I looked at her with absolute shock. I said oh my gosh who told you that. She said this girl she use to know. I was shocked to hear that out of her mouth. But then she kept say “right, right?” I told her “yes, real Rastamen do not date white women” she said see I know you don’t have to hide it from me. She said “why” I said “its to keep the blood lines pure”

In Rastafari we have believed in this for a long time. But from years ago you would find Rastamen who did date white women. But there are many who refuse. There are some who do it for financial gain but are not happy in the relationship. Then there are some who wont even let the thought enter their minds.

Which Rastas date white?

Anyway I just find it sad to see that more and more black men are opting not to date black women. the only men that I can see that date black women exclusively are Rastamen, and that’s only some of them. It seems the ones that come from the smaller islands date white women abundantly. Many Jamaican Rasta who live in Jamaica are still interested in black women.

hm well, everybody can do as they like, it is a free country and its 2011. Time for people to make their own decisions and choices concerning love. The time of Black Unity, has ended.


Peace and blessings to all who read this. Unity for all, Jah Ras Tafari

Rastafari: Spirituality for African Americans, New Rasta Blog

Hello everyone, just wanted to let everyone know, me and my Rasta website are growing up. There obviously have been some changes. Sorry I didnt inform you. The truth is I wasnt sure if I was gonna make the changes or not. Late last night, I had enough nerve to just get it done. So this is the new Rastafarian Blog. I have alot of new things to come.

I will try adding a community to the blog one where people can chat and have profiles, things of that nature. Rastas and Jamaicans need places on line to chat and share information.

I am writing a Rasta Book

The other thing is as you may already know I had written a book called “How to Become a Rasta.” It will be available on any day now. But you can buy “How to Become a Rasta” as an e-book, just click here.  However my new Book is called. “Rastafari, Spirituality for African Americans.” I am so excited folks. This book has been a long time coming.

Some of my page headings are

  • How to be Close to Jah
  • How to understand Rastafari
  • Sex Before marriage in Rastafari
  • Polygamy in Rastafari
  • Black African DNA is Magnificent!
  • How to resist Temptaion in Babylon

…and much more

It should be Ready by Late February. I am so excited!!!!

So, thats it folks. I love you all much.

Jah Bless.



becoming a rasta: can a white person be rastafarian?

becoming a white Rasta


7 Reasons People become Rasta18 Jah Prayers for tough times

Empress Rasta Teachings video – 5 beliefs for Rasta children

Find out How Rasta Lock their hair

519Dcw3lXEL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)


dreadlocks postMany white persons are becoming Rastafarians. This is a very positive move for society as a whole. Rastafari is a spirituality of love, togetherness, and God, (Jah Love) and truth. However for those seeking guidance on becoming a Rasta, there may be more to this way of life than you are aware of. To touch the tip of the iceberg, Rastafari is just as much about what you don’t do as much as what you do, to call your self “Rasta”

Rastaman follow a strict code of clean and unclean

white rasta

Many people don’t know this but Rastaman follow a strict code of “clean and unclean” – if he / she is serious about his faith and his beliefs. Many Jamaican Rastas do not

  • smoke cigarettes
  • drink alcohol
  • eat read meat
  • take pharmaceuticals

In Rastafari we try to keep things as pure and as clean as the day Jah created light out of darkness. This way we keep Jah as the center of all that we do.

Can a White Person be a Rasta?


So, can a white person be Rasta? For a few years I felt the clear answer to this question was “of course not!” However I have come to find out… Absolutely! A white person can be a Rasta in the same way that a black man or woman can be Rasta. Rastafari is of the heart, whats in heart, has very little to do with skin color. Rastafari is a powerful spiritual energy, he can do things that humans can’t.  Including penetrate the heart of those blue, pink purple and white. I decided this after watching the video of “Mr. Alborosie” (A white ( Italian) Rasta Reggae music Singer) called “Jah Jah Crown.” His words are the exact way I would describe my very deep and personal relationship with Jah. After listening to a few of Alborosies songs, and watching some of his videos on youtube….I am convinced!….A white person, can be Rastafari!

How do you become a Rastafarian

becoming rasta, white rastafariansNot all Rasta are born Rasta. Some Rasta are Rasta because they are born to Rastafari parents, some are Rasta because they choose this way of living as their person spirituality. Many are Rasta because they have somebody close to them following the livity, and it somehow seems like the right thing for them to do the same thing.

  • You can become a Rasta by following the Rastafari Livity
  • You can become a Rasta by locking your hair and declaring your self as Rasta
  • You can become a Rasta by spiritual Inheritance
  • You can become a Rasta by absorbing as much Rastafari information as possible

You will know the right way for you once you come upon it…Once again Rastafari is of the heart, so nobody can tell you the right or the wrong way for you. Only you can decide that.

learn how to be a Rastafarian!

dreadlocks smellThe first thing you need to know to be a Rastafarian, is… Rastafari is of the heart, so, do you feel that following this way of life is right for you whole heartedly? If yes then go for it…but if not…dont do it…cause in Rastafari your dreadlocks once implemented, are for life.

In my book I talk about…

  • how to be a Rasta
  • how to dress like a true rasta woman
  • how to submit to your Rasta king
  • how to raise your child as Rastafari
  • and much much more…

Understand what it means to be a Rasta

In my book I have included a Rastafari pledge: To be a conscious and Righteous Rasta. Why? Because too many people “become Rasta” as a form of rebellion or because their friend, boyfriend or girlfriend is Rasta, without really understanding what it means to be a rasta. To help people understand what it means I created a very simple but informative pledge, which can be read at any time and keep new Rastas on the right track. I love you all….

for now keep reading those bible verses, stay conscious and righteous and absorb as much “Rasta Reggae Music” as possible. The book is available as an ebook,  Jah Bless.

Jah Rastafari, Much Love.

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Rasta Regga music: becoming a Rasta, concious righteous rasta songs to buy online

Grown your natty – Bushman

Rastafari Anthem – Alborosie

Black Woman – Alborosie ( I love this song, its beautiful)

Pretty Black Woman – Alborosie

Give Me All You Got – Dennis Brown

Deeper – Junior Kelly

Open The Doors – Richie Spice

How to become a Rasta – coming soon

Rastafari pages of Interest:

Move to Jamaica: Me as Rasta, How to become Rasta, Jah Rastafari: my diary

rastaman what is itSometimes I am aware that Jah had some serious plans for me as a Rasta. I shouldn’t really say had because with Jah anything is possible at any time. I feel like I am not living up to my full potential….as a Rasta chosen by the most high. This is mostly when I see the work of other Rasta on places like YouTube making music, and performing on Stage. Or when I look back on the books he had me write…But again for me it comes back to the move to Jamaica, to block out all the influence of Babylon that is not I and I, and to soak up the inspirations that will foster the power of The 
Most High,  in my heart.

I believe Jah has had different plans for me at different times…I believe he wants me to

To be a Rasta is a huge Responsibility

  • This…being a Rasta is a great responsibility. You always have to be on your best behaviour, because Jah Rastafari is always watching you, and my judgement as a Rasta will be much more strict and more harsh than that of others.
  • I must be aware of the feelings I cause others to feel
  • I must be aware of how I treat other people
  • I am suppose to approach ever situation with my spiritual awareness and love for Jah

Jah is my inner compass, Jamaica is my home

I love being a Rasta, but I have to accept that I will never be like other people. I have an inner compass already, that if I don’t pay attention to, it leaves me feeling sad and misaligned. I have decided that yes, I will go to Jamaica, to live. I don’t see my self “trying it out” I already know the home of my heart. This thought has been on going for the past 3 years. I read on the internet apparently I am only suppose to stay 6 months but who’s really checking. I guess I’ll stay six months then 1 month in Canada, then go back to my home. Rastafari is something that one inherits spiritually. Every body knows Jamaica is the heart of Reggae music. It’s where it was born, and where it is Fostered. Everybody knows, Jamaica is the heart of Rastafari, it’s where most Rastafari persons live per capita, and where Rastafari is most widely accepted and known of by the people. So again. Day after day I abuse my self by staying in my birth country as if something good is going to come out of this. So far the only thing I fin,  is that day after day, I lose a little bit  more and more of my self. That is a huge price to pay just to try to make my mother happy who isn’t even a big part of my life.

Everything I do is Rastafari, roots and culture

Every thing I do in my life is Rastafari, that is my choice. I made that decision the day i locked my hair. I figured why go part way. But I didn’t know how many things I could do. The Most High led me through synchronicity to making Rastafari jewelry. I KNOW its part of his plan for me….at least for now. I suddenly just realized how displeased I am with my self….for not making this decision and sticking to it sooner. I would have the same conversation with my mother once a week…”Mom I want to move to Jamaica….” ” no…I don’t think you should, they might Rob you” ” I don’t think so mom, it’s about how you dress and your behaviour…” “ok see for you self..” Then she starts raising her voice. This reminds me of the time my mom wanted me to go nursing school, I told her I didn’t want to….she ended up pounding her fist on the table. Like it’s as if she wants me to be her or something and I can never be, will never be, and have no desire to be. I love my self, I love who I am, I know the Most High chose me. My Job is to live my life for him, do what I can in terms of taking care of my self, move to Jamaica and not worry too much.

are all by my rasta heart. This is the only way I can be happy. I can make other stuff, or write about other things, but my soul wont be happy if I do that.

My Chart says “Life is better for me In Jamaica!”

My astrology chart told me that I would have a good career if I moved to Jamaica that would become my focus. hmmm…Maybe I over read my chart. There I go doubting my self again. Whenever I have done readings for friends its always been spot on….but for my self…I doubt, I have my book, My jewelry, my mothers home….the beach, the tourists, other rasta….and for goodness sakes my notoriety as a foreigner right in my home town (in Jamaica) surely I can use that to get by. This is a big decision. I think I will plan a trip for 6 weeks and come back. I really have no idea what I am stepping into (not about my mothers concerns) Just having to readjust to a new society that I havent visited in 18 years. I truly believe half of what determines a persons experience with persons places or things, is how they felt about that person place or thing before they interacted with it. So, basically your expectations become the reality. The truth is I love my roots and culture so much that I am willing to live in Jamaica with nothing. That is why I mention in a previous post that it is impossible for me to “fail” at this, because to me, Just being able to know I am where my heart wants me to be….is a huge inherited wealth in its self. I must go! The question is… when? The other thing of it is…I must finish this book I started, On “how to become Rastafari.” There are people who would appreciate the guidance, so I have to complete my part of what I said I would do. The other thing is I started to build an online store, for my rasta jewelry and other Rastafari accessories. I am kind of thinking of asking a friend of mine, also  a Jamaica rasta, to run it for me. The thing is he already owns a rasta store in Toronto. So, to have an online rasta shop all packaged, ready for him to put his photos up from his shop, would be a dream come true for him. You want to know the funny part? He is in Jamaica right now….lol!  So, I cannot even discuss these matters with him.

  • I generated my astrology chart for me in Jamaica and it showed me a strong house of career
  • The tourist industry is huge in Jamaica perhaps I could take advantage of that by pitching some tents my mothers front lawn…lol

My friend is probably going to come back at the time I will be leaving, that’s the power of the universe. But he could fill up my online  rasta shop and just run with it.

I love to Make Rasta Jewelry, and write my Rasta book

I really enjoy making my jewelry, and have so many different styles of African and Jamaican jewelry designs in my head. Plus there are some people on here I will make special pieces for. So, I have a whole slew of things to complete before I go. The book will surely take the longest, and is well worth the wait. I am really personalizing it. I want those seeking the knowledge of Rastafari as a spiritual way of life to really know how to live it, and to really understand it from a Rasta point of view, this is the reason I put my experiences in this book. I do believe Jah chose me to do this. I do believe he knows I have what it takes to do this. Such as my experience, the fact that I enjoy writing, and the fact that I have a story to tell, that is all Rasta, simply for the fact that it has been suppressed for so long. Not only that, I feel I have the words to turn those feelings into something those who are not Rastafari, can understand. I really don’t have big expectations about this book. If it gives me an income of $30  a month I will be happy, it gives me an income of $300 dollars a month I will be happy. I see the money as the way people will say thank you for writing it. Plus I believe any life worth living always leaves something of value behind after the death. Such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Selassie, Marcus Garvey, something created by the person that was a token of their purpose here on earth. So, this book is my token. I am so happy that I have a token!!!! how cool is that? Sometimes I think this darn thing will never get finished. But I must press on.

Moving to Jamaica is the reward!

My reward will be my move to Jamaica. I am so looking forward to it that it brings tears to my eyes. I will feel like I am finally at home. And for good ness sakes, there will be so many SEXY RASTAMEN, out there. Whoooo hoooo, and the Jamaican white sandy beaches. I don’t even know why anybody would want to leave Jamaica and live in Canada or America. I love you all

  • Emperor Haile Selassie I
  • Jah Ras Tafari
  • More Love, More Roots, More Culture
  • Tell the Children the truth
  • Jah Bless!

What is a Rasta? 10 Facts of a Rastafarian spiritual mindset

A Rasta is someone who has a deep love and close relationship with God (Jah The Almighty) a Rasta is someone (who)…rastaman what is it

  1. …who believes in equal rights and justice for all humanity
  2. …who gives thanks and praises every day for all that he has
  3. …who knows that the first man and woman found on earth were found in Africa and were said to have a Negro skin complexion
  4. …who knows God is always watching all that we say and do.
  5. …who knows each man and woman will be responsible for his and her own judgement from God based on his lifestyle
  6. …who knows eating of meat is an unclean act
  7. …knows a Black man (Emperor Haile Selassie) was crowned King of Ethiopia in 1930  and reigned until 1974
  8. …is someone who reads and studies the Christian bible on a daily basis (usually the King James Version)
  9. …is someone who is aware of the Babylon System (I talk more about this in my book – “How to Become a Rastafarian”) coming out soon
  10. …has a deep love and respect for all nature because we know God is in  Nature and it is our birthright to enjoy this Jah given gift.

Rastafari pages of Interest:

rastafarian bracelets, rasta earrings: beaded jamaican colored accessories

Rastafarian bracelets hand-made:


These are hand-made by me. Beaded Rasta bracelets. They look beautiful on the wrist. I make them for fun. they are made from my heart. I love rasta accessories.

rastafarian bracelets, rasta jewelry

These bracelets are unisex, and can be worn by both men and women. I let a friend of mine try on the jamaican flag colored Rasta bracelet. It looked so pretty against her skin. If you are light skin I recommend you buy that one. If you are darker, then the Rasta flag inspired bracelet would stand our on your skin.

rasta bracelets, rasta jewelry

I enjoy doing things like this, such as being creative. I have been like this since I was a little girl. Give me something to do, that I enjoy, and I can sit quietly for hours. I really hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Rasta Earrings hand-made from my heart (really from Jah the almighty creator)

These are jamaican flag colored earrings. I hope you like them. I kind of made them on a whim. I really like how they turned out. I hope you like them too. Tell me what you think. By the way I do not wear the jewelry I make. So your opinion will be a first for me. Thank you

jamaican flag earrings, jamaican accessories, jamaican jewelry

These earrings were written on my heart long before they came into reality. That is what happens when you suppress, the love of Rastafari, all the inspirations start pouring out all at the same time, once you allow it. These earrings mark my coming out…as a very proud woman of Rastafari spiritual beliefs. Rastafari is the truth. Follow him. Clean and Pure. These earrings are jamaica flag inspired.

 Rasta Colored Hoop Earrings

  rasta jewelry, red yellow green earrings

These earrings I made cause I wanted to try something different. To be honest I thought they would be ugly once complete, but they turned out to look pretty. Of course they are also Rastafarian flag inspired. I love them. Rastafari!

Rasta necklaces I made, Jah Inspired:

Sorry not ready yet….comeing soon. My Rasta necklaces are plenty. Its worth the wait.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

Jah is Real and he loves you and he wants you to follow him.

Rastafari….To learn how to follow the Rasta way of life read my book. I love you all.

All these rasta earrings and rasta bracelets and necklaces were all hand-made and beaded by me.  (inspired by H.I.M) The Most High Jah works through me. They are handmade and hand beaded originals. If you are seeking some Rastafarian bracelets to buy please leave a comment. thank you. I hope you like them. Blessed Love. Rastafari lives.

this is an update: Rasta Earrings, Rasta Bracelets, and Rasta Necklaces

First of all i want to say sorry that the text is sitting on top of the pictures like that. I tried at least 7 times to fix it, but it wont budge.

More Rasta Bracelets and accessories to come:

I am in the process of making another rasta bracelet or two.  I now have a Black American Flag inspired Rastafarian Bracelet which looks beautiful by the way….and one that like the red yellow and green bracelet, but I have added the color black, and that one is gorgeous. All of my bracelets will be available for sale on my other website….….if you try to go there before May 15 2011, the earrings and bracelets will not be available….so please give me a few more days to get the pictures up.

White Rastafari Earrings and Accessories…rare and nice….

I have some earrings, that are inspired straight from Jah. I made these earrings, but that’s because God asked me to. They are not even made yet and here I am typing about them, lol. I know they will be beautiful. Especially for summer time. So please check them out….I will place the link to these African Jah inspired earrings right here. But of course they can be found at I do not sell anything from this domain. This website is strictly my blog.

Rasta Jewelry for men

I will be making Rasta and Jamaican Accessories with men in mind. I know men don’t always like to wear what women can wear. So I will make some male focused Jamaican jewelry in a while.

How to make Rastafarian bracelets – package???

It seems a lot of people want to know how to make Rasta bracelets and Rastafarian earrings. I wont be making a tutorial but I am willing to go one step further. I was thinking why don’t I sell the same tool I use, so that you can make your own. You can copy my designs, or come up with your own designs, so what do you think? Each vial would be around $2-$3 at the most, then you would need some other things, but I could sell every thing as a package for you guys. Like a Rastafari necklace how to package, and a Rasta bracelet how to package….just an idea. I think it would be fun and you guys would enjoy it.


about me and my jewelry

I really wanted to write more about me and my jewelry. I consider the jewelry that I make an extension of my self. An extension of my spiritual self. For that reason it is important for me to share this jewelry with you, and to tell  you what my inspirations are, which in most cases will be the Most high. I feel like I am just allowing my self to be my self now…after 30 years….I am very excited….these rasta accessories, have been long-awaited and eager to come out from my heart and from my soul. Jah is good. Follow him….he loves you. For some reason I am the type of person who likes o do many things at once. Do you know that I am writing a book on how to become a Rastafarian? Well, I am….but I am already thinking about writing a book on Ethnic jewelry / slash ethnic beading and accessories. hmmmm. oh well enough….with that. I love you all. Jah Bless.

jamaican saltfish fritters recipe: how to cook a jamaican style breakfast


jamaican fritters

More Jamaican Food Recipes on my blog

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Learn how I work at Home as a Rasta

Many Jamaicans will tell you that as a young child their Grandmother, or mother prepared fritters in the morning for breakfast to eat. I love them. They taste great, are easy to make and are one of those fun foods that you eat with your hands.  Now its your turn to enjoy this delicious Jamaican style breakfast treat!

Please visit your local Caribbean food market to purchase the list of ingredients.

Here is the list of ingredients.

  • 1 half pound of salt fish, PLEASE BE SURE TO BUY THE BONELESS SALT FISH!!!!!
  • 1 onion
  • 1 scotch bonnet pepper
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 3 cups of flour, depending on how much fritters you want
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
  •  2 cups of water
  • cooking oil
  • Some paper towel to absorb excess oil

Preparing to cook your Jamaican breakfast Fritters

  1. Soak the salt fish in water for about a half an hour
  2. Chop the garlic, pepper and onion in to fine  pieces.
  3. Flake the fish in to small pieces with your fingers, once it’s soaked.
  4.  Put the flour into a bowl, and Stir in the onion, garlic, pepper, salt and pepper mixture.
  5.  Slowly stir in the water, stop adding the water when the mixture has a slightly gloppy in  consistency.

Cooking Your Jamaican Style fritters

  • Fill a frying pan with about a quarter deep of the cooking oil.
  • Use a table-spoon to pick up your Fritters mix.
  • Spoon as much of the batter on to the table-spoon as you can without going over.
  • Place your fritters batter into the frying pan.  Each table-spoon will be one fritter.
  • Fry each fritter for about 6-10 minutes until brown, if its turning black then you burned it.
  • Turn over and fry the other side.
  •  Place the fritters on to some paper towel to absorb the excess oil. Your Fritters are ready to eat. Enjoy.

PRINT THIS PAGE AND TAKE IT WITH YOU TO THE FOOD MART, when you buy your ingredients!!!

This breakfast is also Rasta friendly, as it does not contain any  meat. Great for rasta children too.

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Rastafarianism – Rasta beliefs and Rasta religion

Rasta Bob Marley

Rastafarianism is the Religion of “Rasta” people. The correct term for this religion is “Rastafari.” In case you are not familiar with “Rastafari” The late great “Bob Marley” was a Rasta man who lived his life, “Rastafari.”

What is Rastafarianism or Rastafari all about? 

Rastafari is a spirituality, or way of life, as the Rasta people call it. People often ask, where does this (religion) spirituality come from? It comes from “The most High” God. Or, one could say it comes from the heart. Either way it is of “divine” origin.


 What is a Rasta?

 A Rasta man or Rasta woman is a person who believes that Jah (God) lives inside each an every one of us. Many Rasta people will tell you that Emperor Haile Selassie” crowned king of Ethiopia in 1930, was God in the flesh. Many Rastas are characterized by long dreadlocks and the wearing of the Rasta colors, Red Yellow and Green.  

Why Rastafari is not a Religion 


  Many Rastas say Rastafari is not a religion. they refer to it as a “way of life.” They have no hard and fast a rules, all of their beliefs and values come from the heart and are incorporated happily in to their daily life. Rastafarians eat a vegetarian diet, wear the Rasta colors, and give thanks and praises unto the most high, all on a daily basis.

 The beliefs of Rastafarianism (The beliefs of Rastafari) 

 Rastafarian believe in…


  • Emperor Hallie Selassie as God
  • Life After Death
  • The smoking of Marijuana for relaxation
  • Love for all humanity (Unity)
  • vegetarian diet

Rastafarian beliefs of what not to do

  • The consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • Materialistic centered lifestyle
  • The smoking of cigarettes
  • Sexual promiscuity and much more.

Thank you for reading my article I wrote it because I know people have a lot of questions on Rastafari I hope you learned something.


The beliefs of Rastafari people are few in number but tend to sit very deep in heart and soul of every Rastaman and Rastawoman.


















What is a Rasta man or a Rasta woman

What does it mean to be Rastafari? Are we Racists?

I knew I would eventually write this post. I was just waiting for a time when I felt healed enough to do it. I will explain.

My Rasta X – Boyfriend – Well maybe not so Rasta

About 8 weeks ago I met someone who dressed and looked as if he practiced the same faith as me. We met on the bus and were instantly attracted to eachother. Ok well I am exaggertating a little bit. I did meet him on the bus about 2 years ago and we chatted briefly about various things related to the black community. I ran into him twice in this fasion. At those times, he had no dreadlocks, and did not sport red yellow and green. I too did not have my locks and did not wear red yellow and green. So, 2 years later there we were on the bus, both Rasta – I thought. We chatted and he invited me to his house. I was more than excited, I knew I wanted to be intimate with him, as I had not been with a man in a very long time and vowed to be intimate with a man only of Rastafari spirituality. Now I know this sounds very fast on my part, however I was not with a man for  A VERY LONG TIME, and in the rastafari community between two Rastafarians, there no such thing as “too fast” only love.  So, we planned for me to go to his house the next day, there our court ship began. From day one things were way far from what they should have been to start a healthy relationship.

  • He took his socks off while I was there – Rastafarians have a huge amount of respect for other people, I was offended by this but it was his house, so maybe this was more my fault than his. He didnt even think to ask me if that was ok. Nobody wants to see there dates feet on the first date I am sure
  • He didnt get the same vibe from the music as me – Any true Rastaman knows, the vibe of Rastafari is in the music. He just didnt get it
  • He asked me if I wanted to go lay down in the room– I thought again that was impolite
  • He lectured me extensively on the life of Emperor Haille Selassie – This was rude because he is assuming that I dont already know, and second, that I wanted to hear what he had to say on the matter
  • His breath was not nice – For goodness sakes when a woman comes over, must you smoke weed and be in need of breath mint.

No, I did not sleep with him that day

My Beliefs about Rastafari are simple and private

So, silly me, being so desperate to be intimate with a man of the same spiritual beliefs as me. I went over a second time. I wasnt sure if I wanted to have sex or not. I kind of got the feeling that if I did, that was as good as it was going to get between us. I could sense that we had very little in common and obviously approached the whole spirituality thing in different ways. I believe that Rastafari is something of the heart, that goes with me everywhere I go. He believe that Rastafari is Emperor Haille Selassie, and if you dont know as much as him about Emperor Haile Selassie, then you are not Rasta. So sad, if he only knew the truth. I explained to him that my spiritual beliefs have been there since I was born, and that I was choosing to express it now. So he could try his best to convince me to see things his way as much as he wants. I also believe Rastafari is not something you force on others. If you are thats great, but you definetly dont go around forcing people to believe what you believe, and Rasta dont behave like that. I also told him that Rasta are calm patient and down to earth. One day he went on to yell at me, and tell me “I will die for my beliefs” I thought that was going to far. I felt like I was part of a fundametalist camp or cult, the more I listened to this man talk about Rastafari.
As I am reading this I realized that I new he wasnt like me but I somehow felt better sleeping with him with him calling him self this title, even thoug I knew he wasnt.

What the psychic told me before I met him

I was going through a very hard time emotionally about 2 weeks before I met this man. I was praying to God to please let me meet a psychic. Long story short I did meet a psychic and we became friends. Anyway I asked will I meet a man, she said yes. I said “is he Rasta?” She said “no” but “he has dreadlocks, and grew up learning about the Rasta way of life.” I said “what?, a guy with dreadlocks who is not Rasta? Oh, no it would be better to say he doesnt weart dreadlocks but you are telling me he wears dreadlocks but is not Rasta?” Then she said he is, then I said what? Is he or isnt he? she said hes not. This was on my mind still like an hour later. I wasnt taking what she was saying that seriously but if this guy has locks and is not Rasta then that would make him a fake rasta. So I decided to ask her one more time. Is he a rasta or isnt he…..(understand something folks, Rastafari is something that comes from the heart, its like being psychic so me asking her to tell me the accurate truth is like me asking her to look deep into the heart of this man she says is somewhere in my future) she said “hes not!” I asked her 3 more times she said again “he not!! So, I accepted feeling that someone who knows about Rastafari will accept me. And that was that.

I told him what the psychic said

After the first time I went over to his house, we talked on the phone quite a few times. I told him that I had a psychic friend and that she told me I was going to meet a Rastafari man who had dreadlocks but was not Rasta. He said, I dont like this lady.

Where do my Rastafari Beliefs come from when my parents are not Rasta

My Rastafari beliefs come from the most high, even though I know rules and dont follow them to a T I still know who I am. Remember its like being born psychic, you just are. Another cannot come and tell you that because you dont live as one that you are not one. You just are or you are not. Rastafari has always been in my heart, and always will be.

The 5 main values of Rastafari

  • Gods word and the bible before all
  • Love of African black people and the beauty of natural black people
  • natural living including vegitarianism
  • Respect and love of all lifeforms including plants and animals
  • Love first in all dealings and relations with all life forms
  • If any TRUE Rastafari men or women read this please tell me in 5 points what Rastafari means to you, I would love to read it.

If you really want to know, Jesus was Rastafari, ask any born Rasta

Any true Rasta will tell you that Jesus of the bible is a Rasta, for sure, there is no doubt in my mind. Everything that we Rasta have been through. Jesus went through. God decided Jesus would be jesus before his conception, jesus spoke of god as a teen, jesus healed people, jesus prayed, jesus was vegitarian. The list goes on but most of these are very private and personal for me…but please ask a born Rasta if you want confirmation. Not someone who said they became Rasta at 25. Most Rastas know when they are children or in their teens that they are Rasta and dont express it till much later.

So what was the final draw between this non Rastaman and my self?

He threw garlic at me, and called me a devil worshipper, not because I talked to a psychic, but because the psychic was white. Thats just stupid, and we are not Racist, we have a love for all humanity. Bob Marley was half white, so I guess this jerk hates half of Bob Marley. So, dumb. ….Any comments….leave them at the bottom

Junior Kelly sings Rasta Should Be Deeper

Here is just some of the lines from the song “deeper-rasta should be deeper” by Junior Kelly

  • “you must care about the people”
  • “I am my brothers keeper”
  • “its like their changing everything that Rasta is all about”
  • “true love, positivity…”
  • “much much more than to say “Selassi” and “Marcus I”
  • “Me nuh do dis fi image, me nuh mimic, me nuh do dis fi fame”

My new Astrology Readings Website – By a Rastafari Woman

My new Astrology Readings Website!

I have a new astrology readings website. Yay! I have been using astrology in my own life for over 14 years and love to do readings for my self and others. In my own astrological birth chart My Jupiter ( planet of expansion, abundance and luck) sits on the degree of “the astrologer. I figure it’s about time, for me to share this unique talent with others. Rastafari is the everlasting love of my heart, astrology readings are my personal gift to the universe.  Oh yeah my new website is

My first experience with astrology at age 16

You may be wondering, How did you ever get into this “astrology readings” thing in the first place. Well, when I was 16 years old, I wasnt feeling so well and had to spend the evening at home. My mom took me to the drug store, and at the check out counter were some books on all the zodiac signs. I picked up the book on my zodiac, paid for it and brought it home. I laid down in bed and began reading that book. I remember thinking, wow this is so accurate, it described me to “a T” and as they say, the rest is history.

My addiction to astrology books

Since that first experience I began to collect books on astrology. All these books gave me different perspectives on the planets, how to do readings, and the meanings of the zodiac signs. The very best books on astrology I ever came across were found in the Montreal public library. Those books had history, and information, and had barely been used. One book in particular called “The round Arc” of Astrology, provided me with the most detailed intelligent information about astrology. This is a reference library so this book did not become part of my collection. Anybody that knows me knows astrology is my first love, and I cannot help but talk about it.

I started learning about the planets through life experiences

I bought astrological software when I was about 22 years old. To be honest when I first got it I didn’t know what to do with it, and I am one of those people who, doesn’t like to read instructions, so for the first few months I just played around with it. Clicking here clicking there. Then I started to look at my own chart and look up the meaning of the location of the planets in my own chart, in the many astrology books I had. This helped me a lot to be able to actually read my birth chart and astrological transits. Now, I know pretty much immediately what the planets mean in a particular house. Every now and then I do look up meanings just to be sure, I still got it…lol

Astrology is my heart and I want to share this knowledge with others

For many years I have been helping friends to figure out the personalities and characteristics of potential boyfriends before they actually dated them. Astrology is a tool. Like anything else, it is not intended for you to put all your hopes into the answers it provides, it is more like a guide, used to inspire you and let you know what opportunities you could be taking advantage of. Astrology has become a part of who I am, and now I want to share this tool (astrology readings) with others.

The zodiac signs and their Characteristics

Studying the zodiac signs has been a lot of fun for me. A wise person once said even the best teacher continues to be a student. I continue to learn about the zodiac even after 14 years of study. Its fun and seems to please something inside of me. Maybe my desire to understand the human mind, maybe my need to learn about something that is fun fascinating and helpful. Or maybe I am fascinated by the fact that astrology really does help us to understand another persons characteristics and personality traits. I started my before I started this one. It wasnt easy, but it was well worth it. You can check it out if you are curious to know more.

here is a brief description of some of the information you will find there….

  • Aries are fun, friendly and self starters
  • Taurus, is stable, helpful and caring
  • Gemini, Gemini is chatty, aloof, and make great best friends
  • Cancer are fun, funny, and love the domestic life and place family first
  • Leo are fun to be with, love to live life to the fullest, and they hurt easily
  • virgo are smart, intelligent, and well-organized
  • libra are flirts, social, and thrive when in a relationship
  • Scorpio are deep feeling, always helpful, and good with money
  • Sagittarius love their freedom, very optimistic and are well liked by many
  • Capricorn are outgoing, make great leaders, and place family values and finances first
  • Aquarius are friendly, very helpful, and love to try new exciting things
  • Pisces are loving, caring, and always willing to help out a friend in need

I provide spiritual Guidance through Astrology

The main reason why I have decided to do astrology readings professionally ( ) Is because life can throw anybody a curve ball, or have you questioning whether or not you are on the right track. Sometimes we just need some answers to some very important questions, or some encourage ment, to help us achieve our goals. So, if you are feeling unsure about something and want some answers, or perhaps you just want a little guidance, perhaps I can help. There is a different type of astrology reading for just about anything. A move, taking a new job, new love, marriage, love affairs, money and finances, luck and gambling,  all kinds of things. So, if you want answer contact me through my website.

My Rastafari beliefs and astrology readings

My Rastafarian spirituality helps me to do my readings with integrity and honesty. I focus on the positive as much as possible in my readings. If I see something that is not so positive, I will mention it to my client, but be sure not to make it my focus. Rastafari is about love, respect, honesty, and appreciation among other things. Therefore my goal is to treat my clients the way that I would want to be treated in a reading.

Hell – Whats it like? Is there really fire down there?

hell what does hell look like
images of hell

Hi, I wrote this article for those who want to know ….The truth about hell. This was revealed to me in a dream, it is very plausible.

hell is the souls Karma

What is hell? Hell is a souls karma. It means you didn’t learn the lessons you were suppose to learn, while you were in your physical body, on earth,  in order to graduate, and get into heaven.

“soul graduation…” What is this?

“It means you didn’t learn the lessons you were suppose to learn in order to graduate”….what does this mean???

The souls time and purpose on earth 

Each person / is given a certain time on earth to do his work (gods work) and learn his lessons (evolve to higher self through the choices we make) resisting temptation, holding the peace, etc basically choosing god in all instances…

During this time some of us forget about god and just live as if there is no god which means we find out only at the end of life that there is or best case scenario…we live our life with god in our hearts, and make “god like” choices and graduate, to be an angel or in god presence for eternity….

What is hell really like? Is there fire down there?


So the question is “what is hell really like?” Hell is a very simple place…there is no fire in hell! However take a “visualization” walk with me…for just a moment…i want you to picture your self on your street where you live, 10am , right outside your apartment building, or house, where ever you live,  just put your self outside of your building…..picture a hot summer day, warm and sunny outside….grass is green, trees are budding with flowers, fruit….air is clean, and fresh, you take a deep breath in.  The street is clean. Now I want you to remove all other living beings and electronics. So imagine…there is no birds chirping, there are no people talking or walking on the street, but you notice… you can fly! You can fly because you are in spirit! So naturally you fly on over to the park to see if you can find some people to talk to and get to know, there is no body there either. You stop by a few garages to see if you can find some people in there….you really want to share this nice weather with someone…there is no body there. Where is everyone, you wonder? I know you say to your self, I’ll go home there must be somebody in there must be someone…check inside your house, no body…now you are getting scared …somebody…any body…shooting downt he street…after about five minutes of searching for life…any type of life you realize…there is nobody, and there are no birds, no insects, no dogs no cats, no life forms, or anything with a face to smile back at you at all….start to feel sad…very alone…you start calling out to god…there is no reply, you call out to god again only this time you make promises about what you will do if he can just help you to find someone…making promisies. please help ill do anything….now you speak with god instantaneously and he tells you that you are here…because you need time to think about your actions….you say how long he says there is no specified time…i must go….realize you are living out your karma, the time you slammed the door in your co workers face, you didn’t forgive your mom for helping your sister, when you thought she should fulfill your wants instead, the time you chose to call up Janet down the hall and cuss her out telling her baby father was no good, the time you slept with your husband’s cusin, the time you lied and said you were raped when you weren’t you were really seeking attention, the time you didn’t open the door for that old man cause you were having a bad day and said i hate your race inside your head…now its all coming back to you and you ar filled with regret and remorse…and so you cry because you realize you are now paying for all the wrong you did and all the times you hurt other people….and you cry for days all alone in the whole wide world full of sunshine and fresh-cut green grass, there aint a damn person in sight to spend the day with, to laugh with, a smiling face….just time to think and reflect for an indefinite period of time…..thats what hell is really like…

The truth about hell is …

left to ponder your actions on earth

The truth about hell is…in hell you are alone, without love, without warmth, without affection, without conversation,without laughter, without someone to share a moment with. You feel, great remorse. Great remorse for you past actions which you instinctively know as a spirit, is what brought you there. You feel great sadness, and regret, as you continue to reflect on how you spent your time on earth and how you treated others. All the opportunities to help others, to listen, to show God that you deserve to roam in heaven….now you begin to beg for forgiveness, im sorry im sorry im sorry god, i swear im sorry, there is no reply, just left alone, with your own actions to reflect on….That baby…is Hell!

Have a pleasant day. Dont forget to treat every situation the way God would, with love, forgiveness, respect, and more love.

free horoscope for july 2010

Rastafarian astrology: monthly horoscope for free

In July the sun enters cancer. Cancer is the sign of nurture, support, caring, and the emotions…we will all be feeling a little more caring this month.
Jupiter is still in aries, helping many of us to take the lead on many projects, and seek new adventures, in the hopes of adding for excitement to our lives.

Monthly Horoscope for Aries –

Mercury is in leo in your solar fifth house this month. For singles this means lots of conversations and socializing, For married aries this could mean a time of flirtatious communication with your partner. This is a great time to use romantic words to excite your partner in an attempt to add some sparks in the bedroom.
Venus is in your 6th solar house in virgo this month. This could mean meeting someone new while working out at the gym, or this could mean, buying a new sexy, but cute, outfit to run errands in. For married aries, this is the perfect time for you and your partner to join a health club together.
All in all this is a time of beauty and keeping healthy. This could also mean over indulgence, so watch for those late night trips to the refrigerator, they could cause you to pack on the pounds.
Mars is in your solar 6th house as well. This means you have the extra energy to run errands, start a new health regime, or organize a place in your home that is just full of junk.
Over all this is a good month for Aries…Check back next month for your august horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus –

Mercury is in leo in your fourth solar house this month. You could be having conversations regarding a move, or a new birth or things having to do with domestic matters, or mothers. Whew those are a lot of possibilities.
Venus is in virgo in your solar fifth house. If you are single, this is a good time to buy that new out fit and step out on the town for some “singling mingling”. For Taurus in a relationship, This is a good time for having some flirtatious fun with your partner. Try planning an evening for just the two of you, and plan something fun.
Mars will be in your solar 6th house in libra most of the month. This means, you may want to get some work related projects done, and have every intention of getting them done but you may lack the energy to actually get them done and get them done properly.
This is an average month for you dear Taurus. Perhaps next month will be a little more exciting!

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini –

Mercury is in Leo in your solar 3rd house. You could find your self involved in some juicy gossip at work. Try to fight the urge to make more out of the gossip than there really is dear Gemini. This may seem hard to resist, but you can do it.
Venus is in your solar third house in virgo. For single Gemini’s, You could meet somebody knew at the local flower shop, or running errands and making purchases to beautify your home, so be sure to look your best. For virgo in a relationship, you may be feeling a little bit “clingy”  this month. Try not to let those feelings of “neediness” overwhelm you. Also this is a good time to choose that new wall color you have been thinking about, you now have the “style bug” to make things beautiful – Give it a go!
Mars is also in your 4th solar house in Virgo. You may be packing for a move, into a new home, or doing some home renovations. The planets are giving you the extra energy, to make some improvements to the home, take ” of it while you can.
Overall July is a good month for you Gemini. Reap the rewards!

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer –

Mercury is in your solar 2nd house this month. You may find your self having discussions about assets, or valuable items this month. This may have to do with a car or an item that you hold dear to your heart.
venus is in virgo in your solar 3 house. For Cancerians in a long-term committed relationship this could be a time of growing closer, deepening the bond that exists between you. This is also a good time to take some time away with your partner…for a weekend or to a secret cabin a few hours drive away. For Cancerians who are single…this is a good time to send out an S.O.S, that you are single and looking. Be sure to tell your siblings too…the stars say a brother or sister may be able to help you, in the love department.
Mars is also in your solar third house. This is a good time to take a short trip to meet someone knew…or just to get away. You may also be helping out a friend or close friend, to get some things organized now. You have the energy and organizational skills, so why not, help out?
Over all a pretty good month for Cancerians

Monthly Horoscope for Leo –

mercury is in leo in your solar 1st house Leo. This means at this time you communicate directly and honestly with those around you. Try to think before you speak during this time as the planets warn of coming on too strong.
Venus is in your solar second house. This is a good time for meeting someone with lots of cash, or it could also mean you are going to spending cash on someone you have a crush on too. Venus in the second house can also represent over indulgence…watch those sweets, they could cause you to gain weight at this time. For Leos in a relationship, this is a great time, to give your partner a nice foot or back massage as a way of expressing your love. The planets are giving you the charisma to make romance, extra special.
Mars is also in your solar second house. This is a good time to Join a health club, open that savings account you have been putting off, or buying that really cool piece of furniture you have had your eye on for some time. The planets show you have the potential to make some really good decisions now regarding your long-term finances.
Overall a good month for Leos

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo –

mercury is in your 12th solar house this month, in Leo. There may be turbulence, and deep unresolved thoughts this month. There could be some misunderstandings in communications. Be careful what you say to others at work at this time, and be sure to double-check when setting up plans.
Venus the planet of love is in virgo in your 1st house. This could mean a lot of your love feelings this month for others could really be about you. Try not to be too self-centered at this time, others may resent you for it. For single Virgo, this is a great time to get a makeover. The planets are giving you the green light for some personal esthetic improvements.
Mars is Also in your first solar house in virgo. This is a good time to visit a spa, or Join a health club. The planets point to health, fitness, and a new image.
Overall this is an average month for Virgo.

Monthly Horoscope for Libra –

Mercury is in your solar 11th house this month libra, this could mean lots of communication with friends, and group activities. You may find your self doing some public speaking or, wide-reaching communication, for business or personal affairs. The stars, show the spotlight of communication, in leo, is on you this month, so have fun with it.

Venus is in your solar 12th house this month dear libra. This means love could be turbulent on the feelings this month. You may find your self questioning an existing relationship, or unsure about starting a new one. This is a good time to look into your self and take stock of how to be a better partner.
Mars is in your solar 12th house this month libra, You may find that the things you want to get done just seem to be more of a task than anything else. You may find your self procrastinating more than actually getting stuff done. This is a good time for planning, your rather than doing. The planets are giving you the green light to be a great planner for ideal actions. (find another word for actions)
Overall an average month for you dear Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio –

Mercury is in your solar 10th house this month dear Scorpio. You could find your self conversing on business related matters, or long-term goals. This is a good time to have any long awaited discussions that pertain to career.
Venus is in your solar 11th house this month. For Scorpio who have long-term romance, this is a good time of enjoy the friendship, within the relationship, or a time of getting together with friends as a couple. for single Scorpio this is a good time to go to a social event for singles, be it speed dating, or one of those “walk in the park” events, designed just for singles. The stars have you pegged to meet somebody new in these types of settings.
Mars is in  the solar 10 house. a good time to invest in matters having to do with career goals. This is also a good time to build, yes build something new, perhaps for someone else, or for your self, the stars say you have the know how and the spirit. Go for it.
Over all a good month for you dear Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius –

Mercury is in your solar 9th house this month dear Sag. You could find your self making plans to travel abroad, or signing up for a course to learn something new. The stars say you are in the right state of mind to communicate and plan for something foreign or for higher learning, and or education.
Venus is in your solar 10th house in virgo. For Sagittarius in a committed relationship, this is a good time, to start making some long-term plans for just the two of you, or to renew your wedding vows. The stars point to something, old and meaningful, in your love life, between you and your partner. For single Sagittarius, this is a good time to attend events related to investments, or your career, in the hopes of meeting somebody new. The stars also point to the possibility of meeting someone older than you. Hmmmm, might be interesting.
Mars is also transiting your solar 10th house. This means you could be dedicating a lot of your self to career now. You could be to and fro here and there, and working longer hours than usual. Try not to over work yourself. This planetary position can create “work monsters” Just keep it in mind.
Overall a good month for you dear Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn –

Mercury is in your solar 8th house, this Month Capricorn. You may be having discussions of inheritance or investments, or savings, at this time.
Venus is in your 9th house. For Capricorn in a long-term relationship, this is a good time to plan a romantic get away for just the two of you. For single Capricorn, you could meet somebody new the local book store, or in a new class. Its possible at this time, that, that, “someone new” might be a foreigner! How romantic!
Mars in your solar 9th house means you may be checking out various religious faiths now. Have you been thinking of joining a new religion? Your chart also points to long distance travel. Hmmm sounds like fun.
Over all a good month for Capricorn

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius –

Mercury is in your solar 7th house this month dear Aquarius. You may be having some important conversations with business partners, co-workers, or your spouse. The stars show you are feeling playful with your words. Just be sure you are serious when you need to be.
Venus is in your solar 8th house. How sexy. This means lots of love play between you and a romantic partner. The stars say you are feeling frisky and creative. Enjoy it. For single Aquarius, this is a good time to put on your best out fit and go dancing. For Aquarius in a committed relationship this is a good time to pull out that game that “only the two of you”j can play. Sounds like fun.
Mars is in your solar 8th house as well, this is a good time to open that savings account for your retirement, or get more information on a long-awaited financial investment.
Overall a good month for you Aquarius.

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces –

Dear Pisces, mercury is in your solar 6th house, right now. This could mean many discussions about work, or just getting things done. This could be at work or at home so be ready. The stars also show that you may “take the lead” so to speak in these endeavours. Just don’t get too carried away, or others may view your excitement, for “bossiness”

Venus is in your 7th solar hous in virgo. This is great for those of you who are single and hoping to meet somebody new. You have the magnetism! Get dressed up, and go out! The stars say this is your time to shine! For Pisces in a long term relationship, you and your partner may be “feeling the love” more now. The stars are giving you the green light, to be in love and let it show!

Mars is also in your solar 7th house. This could mean doing something nice for your love partner. It also mean added responsibilities at work.

All in all an over all good month for pisces

Read more about the zodiac signs here…..

psychic intuition, sixth sense: trust your feelings

psychicEverybody has a sixth sense. For some the “sixth sense” is well-developed, and for others, not so much. Life is full of things we would like to know more about, before we reach, or just for knowing sake. Sometimes using the power of our sixth sense can provide us with the information that our 5 senses does not.

Recently I started getting to know a single man. He was just my type, Rastafarian, long dreadlocks, a libra sun sign. He had all the right attributes. We got connected over the internet. As time grew closer and closer, I noticed he didn’t act towards me, the same way,  that any other “dread” would. I was puzzled by this.

At the same time around getting to know this person, I was reading about the Joran Vandersloot murder. In case you don’t know, he confessed to killing a girl in his hotel room because she was looking up information about him, on his laptop. I am assuming she was looking up information on Jorans involvement in the disappearance of a Alabama native, Natalie Halloway, while she was vacationing in Aruba, where she met Joran.

As an astrologer, and having mars in Scorpio, I wanted to know more about what drove this young man of just 22 years, to murder this young woman, just out of the blue. I first check his astrological information online. You would be shocked to read what I had discovered. I will put the link at the bottom of this article for you to read it.

Back to the Rastafarian man I was getting to know over the internet. Eventually I checked his planets too to get to know a little bit more about him. I soon discovered that he has two of the same planetary placements as Joran Van Der Sloot. Apparently these placements, cause a person to conduct themselves, with a “sense of entitlement”. All I know is, this sounds like something I don’t want to mess with.

Now where is all of this going you ask? I was starting to have bad feelings about meeting with the Rastafarian gentleman over the black coupleinternet. I mean it was as if something was telling me not to go. But, I was thinking “but, he’s so perfect to me” So I was gonna go anyway. Ok…I recently had to make a trip somewhere, I had no idea that the place i was travelling to was on holiday. This messed up travel plans for many people. Anyway, I had to make alternative arrangements. About an hour before shipping out, I started to have a bad feeling. But I kept making excuses about why I should go, I even had second thoughts as we were pulling away, but I didn’t want to be the odd man out. So, I went anyway. It was one of the worst experiences of my life of 31 years. I ignored my instincts, my sixth sense, my psychic intuition, and paid, dearly for it. I promised my self, that I would never ignore my sixth sense ever again.

black jesus3I know God is always with me, and he was trying to warn me, not to go. But, even more profound than that….this experience happened to protect me from meeting up with that Rastafarian man over the internet. I have now decided not to meet him. God knew I had every excuse in the book, to go and meet this guy, so he had to show me in a “big way” not to go. It worked, I wont be meeting with him.

I learned so many lessons in going against my feelings. Here are just some of the things I learned from this experience…

I must trust my self:

In life you learn a thing or two from each experience you have. Dont drop your rules, your beliefs for anyone or anything.

Stand firm in Jah:

Some times life will throw you a curve ball. Something you didn’t expect. Just know you are not here to serve, evil and wickedness. The devil loves new recruits. You must watch your actions, and always represent the team of Jah, Rastafari

Forgive your enemies:

Those who mistreat you, know not of God. They choose to serve their ego, to lift themselves up because they do not feel lifted from within. Sometimes this may mean putting you down. However allow them their space, remain humble, for “those who exalt themselves, will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

When crossing a river, to get to the other side, don’t complain when your chest gets wet

I heard this in a video, by a very talented trio, called, “sons of Malcom” you need to check out their videos. But basically they were discussing, being an african warrior, and that sometimes you just need to do what needs to get done and not wait on someone else to do it. Sometimes when others put you down you must be the bigger person and just let it alone.

My psychic intuition:

My psychic intuition is more of a feeling than anything else. There have been times when it has come across clearer. I have realized this happens when I commit my self to a lot of prayer. I was truly amazed at the information I get sometimes. Like when my ex and I were going to break up, I knew it, but didn’t want to believe it. The feelings were that there book be a “break in time” between us. Interesting huh! And that’s exactly what happened, We havent gotten together since.

I even knew before I met my boyfriend, that I was gonna meet someone and fall deep in love. There are many ways to tune into your own psychic ability. The best way is through prayer and relaxation. Or just start out as an intuitive, this means you simply use your sense to tell  whether or not something is “good” or “not so good!”

Have you ever had any sixth sense experiences? I would love to know about them.

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