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Jamaican Necklaces For Men: Beaded Rasta Jewelry

Jamaican Necklaces for Men: Beaded, Hand-Made, Rasta Colored, Jamaican Colored. That is  the type of Jewelry I love to make. This jewelry can be worn by women too, but I do design the pieces with Jamaican men, or Rasta men in mind.

“fulfilment” – Jamaican Necklace beaded, with Jamaican Flag pendant

This Necklace is about 13 Inches long excluding… beaded jamaican necklacethe Pendent. It looks amazing on. I absolutely love to wear it. I get lots of compliments in it. OK I’m lying! I just designed it last night. But isn’t it a beauty?jamaican jewelry for men

This picture shows a close up of the pendant. Its beautiful and displays the word “Jamaica” along the bottom of the flag. Sorry its blurry in this photo.

jamaican necklace for men and women

Its made with leather, wood beads and The nice Jamaican Flag Pendent. If you are wondering what to buy your Jamaican boyfriend for his birthday or for Christmas, a necklace like this would make a great gift. Jamaicans are very proud of their heritage. 🙂

2 More Beaded Jamaican Necklaces

Haile Selassie Rastafari Necklace, about 20 inches in length…

long beaded rasta necklacehaile selassie necklace rastafariThis is my Star of David Selassie Necklace….

Thanks for checking out my babies…Jah, Rastafari!

Rasta Jewlery (Dog Tag) Necklace

Move to Jamaica: Me as Rasta, How to become Rasta, Jah Rastafari: my diary

rastaman what is itSometimes I am aware that Jah had some serious plans for me as a Rasta. I shouldn’t really say had because with Jah anything is possible at any time. I feel like I am not living up to my full potential….as a Rasta chosen by the most high. This is mostly when I see the work of other Rasta on places like YouTube making music, and performing on Stage. Or when I look back on the books he had me write…But again for me it comes back to the move to Jamaica, to block out all the influence of Babylon that is not I and I, and to soak up the inspirations that will foster the power of The 
Most High,  in my heart.

I believe Jah has had different plans for me at different times…I believe he wants me to

To be a Rasta is a huge Responsibility

  • This…being a Rasta is a great responsibility. You always have to be on your best behaviour, because Jah Rastafari is always watching you, and my judgement as a Rasta will be much more strict and more harsh than that of others.
  • I must be aware of the feelings I cause others to feel
  • I must be aware of how I treat other people
  • I am suppose to approach ever situation with my spiritual awareness and love for Jah

Jah is my inner compass, Jamaica is my home

I love being a Rasta, but I have to accept that I will never be like other people. I have an inner compass already, that if I don’t pay attention to, it leaves me feeling sad and misaligned. I have decided that yes, I will go to Jamaica, to live. I don’t see my self “trying it out” I already know the home of my heart. This thought has been on going for the past 3 years. I read on the internet apparently I am only suppose to stay 6 months but who’s really checking. I guess I’ll stay six months then 1 month in Canada, then go back to my home. Rastafari is something that one inherits spiritually. Every body knows Jamaica is the heart of Reggae music. It’s where it was born, and where it is Fostered. Everybody knows, Jamaica is the heart of Rastafari, it’s where most Rastafari persons live per capita, and where Rastafari is most widely accepted and known of by the people. So again. Day after day I abuse my self by staying in my birth country as if something good is going to come out of this. So far the only thing I fin,  is that day after day, I lose a little bit  more and more of my self. That is a huge price to pay just to try to make my mother happy who isn’t even a big part of my life.

Everything I do is Rastafari, roots and culture

Every thing I do in my life is Rastafari, that is my choice. I made that decision the day i locked my hair. I figured why go part way. But I didn’t know how many things I could do. The Most High led me through synchronicity to making Rastafari jewelry. I KNOW its part of his plan for me….at least for now. I suddenly just realized how displeased I am with my self….for not making this decision and sticking to it sooner. I would have the same conversation with my mother once a week…”Mom I want to move to Jamaica….” ” no…I don’t think you should, they might Rob you” ” I don’t think so mom, it’s about how you dress and your behaviour…” “ok see for you self..” Then she starts raising her voice. This reminds me of the time my mom wanted me to go nursing school, I told her I didn’t want to….she ended up pounding her fist on the table. Like it’s as if she wants me to be her or something and I can never be, will never be, and have no desire to be. I love my self, I love who I am, I know the Most High chose me. My Job is to live my life for him, do what I can in terms of taking care of my self, move to Jamaica and not worry too much.

are all by my rasta heart. This is the only way I can be happy. I can make other stuff, or write about other things, but my soul wont be happy if I do that.

My Chart says “Life is better for me In Jamaica!”

My astrology chart told me that I would have a good career if I moved to Jamaica that would become my focus. hmmm…Maybe I over read my chart. There I go doubting my self again. Whenever I have done readings for friends its always been spot on….but for my self…I doubt, I have my book, My jewelry, my mothers home….the beach, the tourists, other rasta….and for goodness sakes my notoriety as a foreigner right in my home town (in Jamaica) surely I can use that to get by. This is a big decision. I think I will plan a trip for 6 weeks and come back. I really have no idea what I am stepping into (not about my mothers concerns) Just having to readjust to a new society that I havent visited in 18 years. I truly believe half of what determines a persons experience with persons places or things, is how they felt about that person place or thing before they interacted with it. So, basically your expectations become the reality. The truth is I love my roots and culture so much that I am willing to live in Jamaica with nothing. That is why I mention in a previous post that it is impossible for me to “fail” at this, because to me, Just being able to know I am where my heart wants me to be….is a huge inherited wealth in its self. I must go! The question is… when? The other thing of it is…I must finish this book I started, On “how to become Rastafari.” There are people who would appreciate the guidance, so I have to complete my part of what I said I would do. The other thing is I started to build an online store, for my rasta jewelry and other Rastafari accessories. I am kind of thinking of asking a friend of mine, also  a Jamaica rasta, to run it for me. The thing is he already owns a rasta store in Toronto. So, to have an online rasta shop all packaged, ready for him to put his photos up from his shop, would be a dream come true for him. You want to know the funny part? He is in Jamaica right now….lol!  So, I cannot even discuss these matters with him.

  • I generated my astrology chart for me in Jamaica and it showed me a strong house of career
  • The tourist industry is huge in Jamaica perhaps I could take advantage of that by pitching some tents my mothers front lawn…lol

My friend is probably going to come back at the time I will be leaving, that’s the power of the universe. But he could fill up my online  rasta shop and just run with it.

I love to Make Rasta Jewelry, and write my Rasta book

I really enjoy making my jewelry, and have so many different styles of African and Jamaican jewelry designs in my head. Plus there are some people on here I will make special pieces for. So, I have a whole slew of things to complete before I go. The book will surely take the longest, and is well worth the wait. I am really personalizing it. I want those seeking the knowledge of Rastafari as a spiritual way of life to really know how to live it, and to really understand it from a Rasta point of view, this is the reason I put my experiences in this book. I do believe Jah chose me to do this. I do believe he knows I have what it takes to do this. Such as my experience, the fact that I enjoy writing, and the fact that I have a story to tell, that is all Rasta, simply for the fact that it has been suppressed for so long. Not only that, I feel I have the words to turn those feelings into something those who are not Rastafari, can understand. I really don’t have big expectations about this book. If it gives me an income of $30  a month I will be happy, it gives me an income of $300 dollars a month I will be happy. I see the money as the way people will say thank you for writing it. Plus I believe any life worth living always leaves something of value behind after the death. Such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Selassie, Marcus Garvey, something created by the person that was a token of their purpose here on earth. So, this book is my token. I am so happy that I have a token!!!! how cool is that? Sometimes I think this darn thing will never get finished. But I must press on.

Moving to Jamaica is the reward!

My reward will be my move to Jamaica. I am so looking forward to it that it brings tears to my eyes. I will feel like I am finally at home. And for good ness sakes, there will be so many SEXY RASTAMEN, out there. Whoooo hoooo, and the Jamaican white sandy beaches. I don’t even know why anybody would want to leave Jamaica and live in Canada or America. I love you all

  • Emperor Haile Selassie I
  • Jah Ras Tafari
  • More Love, More Roots, More Culture
  • Tell the Children the truth
  • Jah Bless!

Move to Jamaica? More Rastafari, More Jamaican vibes, my roots and culture

Should I move to Jamaica?


Every thing in my life tells me that I should move to jamaica? What do you think, should I? Last year I thought about it every day about 15 times a day. I kid you not. For a whole slew of reasons. Mostly I think the most high was trying to send me there. And he told me so. But of course I didn’t listen once again to my intuition….and doubted my self. Now I kick my self because knowing what I know , I could have been much happier there.

Here are my top 5 reasons for wanting to move to jamaica

For my jewelry (roots and culture) I  have a much better market, more Rastafari people and more Jamaicans and Caribbean

  • I have a family home there … my mother would like one of her children there
  • we could allow tourists to rent  our Jamaican family home to generate some income
  • More Rasta and Jamaican vibes (Reggae music, jamaican food, rasta parties etc)
  • many more single Rastafari men live in Jamaica….who approach life in the same manner as me
  • My astrology chart said my life would be better if I move to jamaica

So, why is it even a question in my mind….?


I am Afraid of the unknown…I am afraid of not knowing how things work. I am afraid of not being able to predict what my future will be like in Jamaica. Here in Canada, everything is streamlined. I know somethings in Jamaica are about who you know, or they have a more relaxed way of approaching things. I am afraid of having to get use to the market instead of the Grocery store….and so many other things. But I know I wont really know unless I try  it out….kind of like when I started my dreadlocks….lol

Am I running away from something?

The answer is yes. All that I want and the responsibility of it all. I am running away from that. In a way going to Jamaica is also a form of giving up (in my mind) things are progressing for me but the responsiblity and the time line just scares me ( and pisses me off) some times. Like this book, on “how to become a Rastafarian” I have just now printed it from my computer, to edit it. Why did it take me so long. Before this point I felt like I was getting no where with it…..Now that I see it as a hard copy in front of my….I know the train is moving…but it is just happening so slowly.

My Grandmother did not like living Canada

My Granny before I was born, use to live with my mom and Dad to help raise us. Apparently one day she had a conversation with my Mom, telling my mom that she was going back to Jamaica to live. My mom recounts my Granny saying something like “….Jamaica is my home….I’m not gonna let Canada kill me…” or “…Im not gonna let Canada work me to death..!” Some how she got a piece of land in Jamaica and that is where our family home sits today. As I am writing this I feel said because I know every part of what my Granny spoke to my Mom on that day is true. When I use to visit my Granny in Jamaica, her and my Grandpa were so at piece. Could you imagine, having your own property, and never having to move. Waking up to the hot sun and the rooster call every  morning. What a nice life. I want that life too.

My biggest Nay sayer is Mom

My biggest naysayer is my Mother. Sometimes I wonder if she is afraid of my success. She has way too much passion behind her response to me every time I say I want to move there. It’s almost like she sees in my something she wished she had. She can come up with huge reasons why I should not do it. One thing I have in my mind is…”God, please do not let me die on Canadian soil!” I want to die in Jamaica. That was also something my Granny use to tell my mom….lol So my Mothers biggest argument is….those people want to rob you as a foreigner. Like give me a break, you dress like you have nothing obviously, which I don’t…and dont flash gold or silver jewelry around…and you will be fine… the people who you have nothing you of value. Even if I do make money it wont be tun of money. I will only sell Rastafari and Jamaican colored jewelry for goodness sakes. How enticing can that be for someone who wants to rob someone…I mean really. And I am a girl. Like calm down mom, and stop dumping your own insecurities me.

My heart is in Jamaica too! 

I just feel like every day when I wake up and walk down the street, that this, is not my rightful home. It has every bit to do with what I feel in my heart. The good thing about it is this is not motivated by any other person such as a boyfriend or pressure from parents, so therefore, I know this is purely my desire.

I know once I touch down in Jamaica for the first time by my self as an adult, I am gonna wonder “what the hell took me so long?” That is not good, its like wasting time, and being completely aware of it.

What about Failure in J.A.?

I don’t really think about Failure when I think of moving to Jamaica, because I feel any thing I do in Jamaica, anything that does or does not work out for me, will be a “win win!” Why, because I will have hot whether and the beach to visit, more Rastafari men and women to relate to, and my own culture surrounding me 2 hours a day 7 days a week. For me as a Rasta, those things are priceless. So what do you think based on all you have Just read, should I move to Jamaica?

roots and culture: jamaican colored accessories, and a nice rasta shop online

Rasta rear view mirror car decal

roots and culture, what it is!

For those of you who don’t know,  roots and culture is a feeling. that’s the best way I can put it. As a Caribbean rasta woman roots and culture is what I love. So what is it really? It’s a love of things Caribbean and a love of things African. Hence the roots, hence the culture. Roots and culture includes but not limited to, anything…

  • bob Marley music and bob Marley accessories
  • rasta reggae music and reggae music related
  • Caribbean accessories and jamaican accessories
  • Caribbean and jamaican food and jamaican jewelry
  • rasta roots & rasta shop items
  • emperor Haile Selassie knowledge Selassie accessories
  • red yellow and green, rasta colored items
  • Rastafarian flag, and the jamaican flag,
  • So, basically roots and culture, is a celebration of African heritage and Caribbean culture, sounds beautiful doesn’t it?

I have one regret in life!

That I didn’t live my life more roots and culture. The fun I would have had. I did have a lot of fun growing up, but it wasnt from the heart. Thinking back, I always got a good feeling listening to Bob Marley reggae music, and other Jamaican rasta artist on the radio sunday nights. But that’s about the only celebrating of my roots and my culture I ever did. Let me tell you, I celebrate every day now, in all that I do, from wearing rasta colored accessories, to blogging on this roots and culture website, to writing a book on how to become Rastafari. Now my whole life is Rastafari.

buy jamaican colored items

rear view mirror jamaican flag
jamaican flag car decal

looking to buy some cool jamaican colored, items, me too. I am rasta this is important to me. In a  way I guess I wasnt willing to give other rasta shops a chance. Well ok not really like that. As a rasta woman I have an idea in my head of what I want to buy. We rasta do this naturally, so instead of searching for it. I figured why not just make them my self. I enjoy it. So now i figured why not share my jamaican colored items with the world online. I also have rasta colored jewelry too. I just like looking at them, creating them, then sharing them with other Rastas and other people who love roots and culture. Life is good when you do what you love. More jamaican accessories and more rasta accessories. Oh Jah you love me and I love you.

jamaican products and accessories, yellow black and green

To me there is no separation between jamaican products and rasta products they are separate but the same. Many Rastafarians come from Jamaica, and so we celebrate the two hand in hand. To be more specific, jamaican products, due to the jamaican flag colors are yellow black and green, and rasta products are red yellow and green, to reflect the Rastafarian flag, but really they stand for the same thing, love and unity for all people.

jamaican flag, bracelets, and necklaces

jamaican rasta bracelet buyMany people love the jamaican flag as much as I do. I feel it is the most beautiful flag of all. The gorgeous yellow x, with the green and black triangles at the sides and at the tops. That flag was made so balanced and so beautiful. Many people wear this gorgeous symbol on their t-shirts, hats, back packs, bracelets, almost anything that can have the jamaican flag on it, does exist today. I own some jamaican flag colored bracelets (black yellow and green) and necklaces my self. If you like mine you can purchase them for sale on my other blog.

jamaican flag and rasta flag in roots and culture

The jamaican flag and rasta flag are two of the biggest symbols in roots and culture. Rasta people have a special feeling for these two Caribbean flags. When i look at the jamaican flag I see and feel strength, and victory, of the people of jamaica. When I look at the rasta flag, I see unity, peace and love of the African land. These two flags are displayed proudly in my living room, and any rasta knows these symbols more than any thing represent the rasta heart, rasta peace and rasta love for all humanity.

buy rasta, bob Marley accessories

Bob Marley Necklace Dog Tag

Most of the world became aware of rasta and Rastafari through bob Marley. Many people are under the impression that rasta colors are a celebration of bob Marley. This is incorrect, Rasta colors are a celebration of Rastafari and Bob Marley. You see Rastafari way of life, has always been, even before Bob Marley became a mega Reggae music star. It is the fact that Bob Marley also followed Rastafari spirituality, and wore the rasta colors, that makes people think, that he started Rastafari. But rasta religion for lack of a better word, existed before bob. Many rasta are still around today and still wearing rasta colors as a salute to their spiritual beliefs, and yes to the late great bob Marley too. Looking to buy some great bob Marley accessories, and bob Marley stuff, check out my other rasta blog website.

my rasta website / blog, diary???

Please understand this Rastafari website was started as an online diary, so you will find some of my rants, some of my feelings from my heart, some of my deepest love thoughts and love for Jah(God), here, and just some things I wrote for fun. But, I soon learned people actually want to read some of this stuff, who knew, so I started to share my heart with you even more, and what I found was you guys are sharing your heart with me too. Thank you for that I love you all. Jah Rastafari.

Rastafarian shop, in person and online

ethiopian jewelry
Emperor Haile Selassie Beaded Dog Tag

It’s hard to find a good Rastafarian shop online or in your own city. This is why many people searching for roots and culture items turn to the internet. I am rasta and I know how hard it can be to find the items you want in the style that you want them. You see rasta have a certain feeling. They want to feel good about the items they buy on many so many different levels. Because I understand this, and I want to serve my self too. I started my own rasta shop online. The funny thing is this all started because I wanted to share my spiritual feelings about being a rasta woman with the world, because it is very special and very important. Check out my rasta shop! Its located at I love you all, I hope you enjoyed this, bye for now. Jah Rastafari Lives. For information on where to buy Rasta Hats online, click here

rastafarian bracelets, rasta earrings: beaded jamaican colored accessories

Rastafarian bracelets hand-made:


These are hand-made by me. Beaded Rasta bracelets. They look beautiful on the wrist. I make them for fun. they are made from my heart. I love rasta accessories.

rastafarian bracelets, rasta jewelry

These bracelets are unisex, and can be worn by both men and women. I let a friend of mine try on the jamaican flag colored Rasta bracelet. It looked so pretty against her skin. If you are light skin I recommend you buy that one. If you are darker, then the Rasta flag inspired bracelet would stand our on your skin.

rasta bracelets, rasta jewelry

I enjoy doing things like this, such as being creative. I have been like this since I was a little girl. Give me something to do, that I enjoy, and I can sit quietly for hours. I really hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Rasta Earrings hand-made from my heart (really from Jah the almighty creator)

These are jamaican flag colored earrings. I hope you like them. I kind of made them on a whim. I really like how they turned out. I hope you like them too. Tell me what you think. By the way I do not wear the jewelry I make. So your opinion will be a first for me. Thank you

jamaican flag earrings, jamaican accessories, jamaican jewelry

These earrings were written on my heart long before they came into reality. That is what happens when you suppress, the love of Rastafari, all the inspirations start pouring out all at the same time, once you allow it. These earrings mark my coming out…as a very proud woman of Rastafari spiritual beliefs. Rastafari is the truth. Follow him. Clean and Pure. These earrings are jamaica flag inspired.

 Rasta Colored Hoop Earrings

  rasta jewelry, red yellow green earrings

These earrings I made cause I wanted to try something different. To be honest I thought they would be ugly once complete, but they turned out to look pretty. Of course they are also Rastafarian flag inspired. I love them. Rastafari!

Rasta necklaces I made, Jah Inspired:

Sorry not ready yet….comeing soon. My Rasta necklaces are plenty. Its worth the wait.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

Jah is Real and he loves you and he wants you to follow him.

Rastafari….To learn how to follow the Rasta way of life read my book. I love you all.

All these rasta earrings and rasta bracelets and necklaces were all hand-made and beaded by me.  (inspired by H.I.M) The Most High Jah works through me. They are handmade and hand beaded originals. If you are seeking some Rastafarian bracelets to buy please leave a comment. thank you. I hope you like them. Blessed Love. Rastafari lives.

this is an update: Rasta Earrings, Rasta Bracelets, and Rasta Necklaces

First of all i want to say sorry that the text is sitting on top of the pictures like that. I tried at least 7 times to fix it, but it wont budge.

More Rasta Bracelets and accessories to come:

I am in the process of making another rasta bracelet or two.  I now have a Black American Flag inspired Rastafarian Bracelet which looks beautiful by the way….and one that like the red yellow and green bracelet, but I have added the color black, and that one is gorgeous. All of my bracelets will be available for sale on my other website….….if you try to go there before May 15 2011, the earrings and bracelets will not be available….so please give me a few more days to get the pictures up.

White Rastafari Earrings and Accessories…rare and nice….

I have some earrings, that are inspired straight from Jah. I made these earrings, but that’s because God asked me to. They are not even made yet and here I am typing about them, lol. I know they will be beautiful. Especially for summer time. So please check them out….I will place the link to these African Jah inspired earrings right here. But of course they can be found at I do not sell anything from this domain. This website is strictly my blog.

Rasta Jewelry for men

I will be making Rasta and Jamaican Accessories with men in mind. I know men don’t always like to wear what women can wear. So I will make some male focused Jamaican jewelry in a while.

How to make Rastafarian bracelets – package???

It seems a lot of people want to know how to make Rasta bracelets and Rastafarian earrings. I wont be making a tutorial but I am willing to go one step further. I was thinking why don’t I sell the same tool I use, so that you can make your own. You can copy my designs, or come up with your own designs, so what do you think? Each vial would be around $2-$3 at the most, then you would need some other things, but I could sell every thing as a package for you guys. Like a Rastafari necklace how to package, and a Rasta bracelet how to package….just an idea. I think it would be fun and you guys would enjoy it.


about me and my jewelry

I really wanted to write more about me and my jewelry. I consider the jewelry that I make an extension of my self. An extension of my spiritual self. For that reason it is important for me to share this jewelry with you, and to tell  you what my inspirations are, which in most cases will be the Most high. I feel like I am just allowing my self to be my self now…after 30 years….I am very excited….these rasta accessories, have been long-awaited and eager to come out from my heart and from my soul. Jah is good. Follow him….he loves you. For some reason I am the type of person who likes o do many things at once. Do you know that I am writing a book on how to become a Rastafarian? Well, I am….but I am already thinking about writing a book on Ethnic jewelry / slash ethnic beading and accessories. hmmmm. oh well enough….with that. I love you all. Jah Bless.

Bob Marley Flags: buy on sale. Popular, one love, jamaica and smoking herb flag.

Marley one love, bob Marley one love flag, one love flag, flag of bob Marley, one love tapestry, poster bob Marley, big bob Marley flag, rasta Marley flag. To learn about the meaning behind the Jamaican Flags, click here.