Self Confidence

Self-confidence as Rasta


  1.  Take advantage of opportunities, but guard yourself against evil. Don’t underrate yourself.
  2.  Humility deserves honor and respect, but a low opinion of yourself leads to sin.
  3.  Do not let others have their way at your expense; do not bring on your own ruin by giving up your rights.
  4.  Never hesitate to speak out when the occasion[c] calls for it.
  5. Don’t hide your wisdom.
  6.   Your wisdom and education can be known only by what you say.  Do not, however, go against the truth, and remember that you do not know everything. 
  7. Don’t be ashamed to confess your sins; there’s no point in trying to stop a river from flowing.
  8.  Don’t allow yourself to be dominated by someone who is stupid or show partiality to influential people.  
  9. Stand up for what is right, even if it costs you your life; the Lord Jah will be fighting on your side.
  10.  Don’t be quick to speak or lazy and negligent in your work.
  11.  Don’t act like a lion at home or be suspicious of your servants.
  12. Don’t stick out your hand to get something if you’re going to be tightfisted when the time comes to pay it back.

10 Bible Teachings for New Rastafari

  1. convert to rastafariHow to Handle Stupid People
  2. How to handle friendships
  3. Faithfulness to Jah
  4. Be Humble
  5. Giving to the poor
  6. Self Confidence as a Rasta
  7. Advice for Men about Women
  8. Learn from Wisdom
  9. Friendship with others
  10. Sincerity and Self Control

5 Jah Covenants

  1. Jah rastafariJah Covenant with Noah of the bible
  2. Jah Covenant with Abraham of the bible
  3. Jah Covenant with Moses of the bible
  4. Jah Covenant with David of the bible
  5. Jah Covenant with Jesus Christ of the bible

Ital Food Recipes to Try at Home

  1. curried carrot soupHow to cook Jamaican Style JERK Fried Fish
  2. How to cook Curried Tofu
  3. How to cook Ital Rasta Soup
  4. How to cook Spicy Eggplant
  5. How to cook Spicy steamed Jamaican Style Cabbage
  6. How to cook Curried Carrot Soup

6 King Speeches


  1. Spirituality – By King Selassie I
  2. The Bible – By King Selassie I
  3. Leadership – By King Selassie I
  4. The Essence of Power – By King Selassie I
  5. A New Way of Life – By King Selassie I
  6. Living in Peace – By King Selassie I

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