How to handle stupid people

How to handle stupid people

An idler is like a stone covered in filth, everyone whistles at his disgrace.

2 An idler is like a lump of dung, anyone picking it up shakes it off his hand.

3 It is a disgrace to have fathered a badly brought-up son, but the birth of any daughter is a loss; a sensible daughter will find a husband, but a shameless one is a grief to her father.

5 A brazen daughter puts father and mother to shame, and will be disowned by both.

6 An untimely remonstrance is like music at a funeral, but a thrashing and correction are wisdom at all times.

79 Teaching a fool is like gluing bits of pottery together — you are rousing someone who is besotted with sleep.

10 You might as well talk to someone sound asleep; when you have finished the fool will say, ‘What’s up?’

11 Shed tears for the dead, who has left the light behind; shed tears for the fool, who has left his wits behind. Shed quieter tears for the dead who is at rest, for the fool life is worse than death.

12 Mourning for the dead hlast seven days, for the foolish and ungodly all the days of their lives.

13 Do not waste many words on the stupid; do not go near a dolt. Beware of him, or you will have trouble and be soiled by contact with him; keep away from him, and you will have peace of mind and not be exasperated by his folly.

14 What is heavier than lead, and what is its name if not ‘fool’?

15 Sand and salt and a lump of iron are a lighter burden than a dolt.



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