Giving to the Poor

30 Giving to the poor can make up for sin, just as water can put out a blazing fire. 31 Anyone who responds to others with acts of kindness is thinking of the future, because he will find help if he ever falls on hard times.

My child, don’t prevent the poor from making a living, or keep them waiting in their need. Never give a hungry person any cause for resentment or anger. Don’t add to the troubles of someone who is already desperate.or give him any reason to curse you. If he becomes so bitter that he does curse you, his Creator will hear his prayer.

Make yourself popular in the syn7iagogue. Bow your head to men of authority. Listen to what the poor have to say, and answer them politely. Protect people from those who want to wrong them, and be firm in your judgments. 10 Be like a father to orphans, and provide widows with the help their husbands can no longer give them. Then you will be like a child of the Most High, and he will love you more than your own mother does.

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